A-England Saint George (Photo Heavy)

A-England Saint George came out with The Legend collection this January. This is the only polish I picked out from the collection after seeing swatches and I couldn't be happier!

Sadly I didn't get any photos in the sun because I volunteered for our local green garden the next morning and spent several hours happily digging in the dirt without gloves. The polish lasted remarkably well in the garden, but it was too scuffed up to take any pictures (not to mention how incredibly dirty my hands were!)

I just can't get enough of this polish, I must have taken 50 pictures trying to capture just how beautiful it is. Saint George is a dark teal with a very subtle holo, it also has blue and green shimmery micro-glitter.

Brightest flash:

Medium flash:

No flash:

Subtle holo from my thumbnail.

I can't express how much I love this polish!

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