Pacifica - Nudes Nail Set

Hi folks!

I have a nice little trio of nude nail polishes to share with you all today.  This is the first time I have tried Pacifica's nail polishes.  I have seen their polishes at Ulta many times and was always drawn in with the fancy brush handles they have.  The Pacifica line is 7-free, so no nasty chemicals in these polishes.  I purchased the Nudes Nail Set several months ago during a crazy Ulta haul because I wanted to try the brand out and review the polishes for you.  I am just getting around to it.  But have no fear because this nail set is still available from Ulta.  So if you like these colors, head over and pick it up!

Pacifica - Nudes Nail Set - McPolish

Indies Outside the Box: Fan-tastic Customs - January 2017 Box

Hi friends!

Today, I have another indie nail polish box to share with you all.  The Indies Outside the Box: Fan-tastic Customs boxes are released quarterly with 4 exclusive polishes inside.  The hosts of the box are Top Shelf Lacquer and Lollipop Posse Lacquer and they are joined by two guest makers each box.  For the first box of 2017, the guest makers are Girly Bits Cosmetics and Paint Box Polish.  The inspiration for the polishes in these boxes all stem from photos voted on by fans.  Inspiration photos are submitted and voted on, then the maker uses that inspiration photo to create a custom polish for the box.  Cool idea, right?  I will show you all of the inspiration photos that inspired these polishes after the swatches so you can see where each maker got their inspiration.

Indies Outside the Box: Fan-tastic Customs - McPolish

Takko Tuesday! - Alchemist

Happy Takko Tuesday!

The Takko Lacquer polishes that I had left to share with you all for Takko Tuesday had dwindled down to only a few.  I was getting very nervous that I wouldn't have new polishes to share and this little series would have to take a vacation until new collections came out.  But I scoured the internet and scooped up a couple of older polishes in destash sales to keep this series going strong.  The things I do for love :)

Today, we are going to take a look at Alchemist!  When I found this in a destash sale, I could have sworn that I already had it.  But I couldn't find anywhere that I had posted it or find the bottle lurking in some hidden spot in my nail polish stash.  I snagged it regardless.  Even if I already had it, I could find it a loving home if I duped myself.  Alchemist was originally released in the fall of 2014.  It is a pale gold foil with tons of yellow gold and silver flakies and holographic sparkle.  It looks like your nails are actual gold jewelry when you wear it.  It is very shiny but not in-your-face holographic.  Nice and elegant.  The formula was nice, too.  It is a little streaky on the first coat but covers completely on the second.  I am showing you two coats here with a glossy top coat.  I wore this all day as a full mani and just loved it!

Takko Lacquer - Alchemist - McPolish

A England - Tennyson's Romance Collection

Hey there!

Today, I am sharing with you a collection from a brand that I don't show enough on this blog.  I buy every single collection but never get around to doing a complete collection review for you all.  one of things I wanted to try and do with the blog this year was to blog about the things I actually buy and not just press samples.  That way you guys know what I truly love since I bought it with my own money.  A England is a favorite brand of mine.  Their polishes are consistently perfect, have amazing formulas and are always beautiful.  I don't even look at reviews or swatches of the collections when they come out.  I just buy them sight on seen and am never disappointed with the products.  I am pretty sure I have purchased all of my A England polishes through Color4Nails since they are a UK brand.  The newest collection available on the site is the Tennyson's Romance collection.  There are 5 beautiful holographic polishes to show you.  Each one is a stunner!

A England - Tennyson's Romance Collection - McPolish

Whats Up Nails - Dragon Powder

Hey there!

I am sure you have seen all the buzz about these new chrome powders for nails.  The have taken over Instagram and YouTube and nail blogs for the past few months.  I can understand why because they look amazing.  So reflective!  I have been reluctant to try them because you need to use a gel top coat to make it last and I don't use gel polish.  Actually...I am pretty darn terrible at gel polish.  I have only tried it once before and it was a complete fail.  I very much wanted to try out these chrome powders, so I figured I would give it another shot.  Be prepared to see some fails in this post.  Not because of the chrome powder...because of the top coats that I tried.  The chrome powder I tried was called Dragon Powder from Whats Up Nails.  It is a chrome finish with a green to gold to red multichrome effect.  It is part of the Magic Shifting Powders line.  The effect is stunning!

Whats Up Nails - Dragon Powder - McPolish
no top coat