Takko Tuesday! - Bright Young Things

Happy Takko Tuesday!

I am once again running low on takkos to share with you!  I was able to snag a very old shade that had a limited release in a destash a few months ago.  It is super bright!  "Bright Young Things" originally was released in the Summer 2013 collection and I do not know if it was released again after that.  I definitely don't see it around the internet much.  But because it is a yellow shade, it would be one that would show up in destashes.  So keep your eye out!

Takko Lacquer - Bright Young Things - McPolish

KBShimmer - Fall 2017 Blogger Collaboration Collection

Hi all!
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I am a horrible person for getting this collection review out to you all so late!  Vacation and work just got in the way.  But I just had to share all of these beauties with you, no matter what.  The KBShimmer Fall 2017 Collection is a super special one because these polishes were all created in collaboration with your favorite nail polish bloggers!  Even yours truly contributed to this fun collection.  There are 12 blogger shades and 2 shades created by KBShimmer themselves for the collection.  We have cremes, holos, glitters, shimmers and jellies...something for everyone.  The Fall 2017 Blogger Collaboration Collection is available right now.  Stay tuned at the end for giveaway details!

KBShimmer - Fall 2017 Blogger Collaboration Collection - McPolish

Takko Tuesday! - Usagi

Happy Takko Tuesday!

Another Tuesday and another joint collab with Lotte from Marzipany for a look at a newer Takko Lacquer!  When I visited Lotte last month in Germany, I brought her a handful of takktios that she had ordered.  We have been doing a joint Takko Tuesday for the past few weeks using the polishes that she got that I hadn't posted yet.  Today is the last one! *sad face*  We saved the prettiest one for last.  "Usagi" is a beauty!

Takko Lacquer - Usagi - McPolish

Takko Tuesday! - Cosmic Queen

Happy Takko Tuesday!

I am once again joined by my lovely friend, Lotte, for Takko Tuesday this week!  We are looking at another new takkito from the Late Summer 2017 Collection.  This one is definitely more of a fall shade and is perfect for the weather right now.  I am having to wear a light jacket here in Florida!

Takko Lacquer - Cosmic Queen - McPolish

Pahlish - This is Holo-ween!


Do you love holos?  Do you love fall colors?  Well then you are going to love this collection from Pahlish.   They always to great holographic shades during the Halloween season (2015 and 2016) but they are great for the entire fall and winter season.  The polish names in this collection are all based on the ever awesome Nightmare Before Christmas movie.  This set of 8 new shades is limited edition and I am a little behind in getting them out to you.  So we had better get right into the swatches, right?

Pahlish - This is Holo-ween! - McPolish