Takko Tuesday! - Opalescent

Happy Takko Tuesday!

I have a gorgeous flakie topper from Takko Lacquer to share with you today!  This is a brand new shade being added to the Curiosities and Exquisites Collection, which is an ongoing collection of cremes and toppers that is continuously added to.  "Opalescent" is a clear based topper that is filled with thin, transparent shifting flakes in a rainbow of colors.  It will not get opaque, so it is best used over a colored base.  In this post, I am showing you it over Takko Lacquer's one coater black creme, "Iconoclast".

Takko Lacquer - Opalescent - McPolish

Metallic Nails for the #31DC2017Weekly

Hi there!

I finally got chrome powders to work well for me!  They are the perfect nail art item to use for the metallic prompt of the challenge.  I tried using the chrome powders before but I didn't have the right top coat for the job.  You can see my fails here.   This time, I used some gold chrome powder and gel top coat from Born Pretty Store.  The key to my success this time around was using the powder over a gel layer and then topping it off with a no-rub gel layer.  It turned out great.

Gold Metallic Nails for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish - Born Pretty Store gold powder

Chirality Polish - Mosura no Uta Collection

Press Sample

I have a brand new collection from Chirality Polish to share with you all today.  They have not released a new collection in a very long time (like over a year!) but always had some very nice holos.  This new collection for 2017 has three holos and one crelly glitter polish.  The Mosua no Uta Collection is releasing tomorrow, so let's take a look!

Chirality Polish - Mosura no Uta Collection - McPolish

Takko Tuesday! - Marigold

Happy Takko Tuesday!

Today, we are looking at another gorgeous creme shade from Takko Lacquer for Spring.  Actually, this color would be excellent for fall as well.  "Marigold" is a slightly dusty mustard yellow creme.  The color is awesome.  I love, LOVE, these types of ugly-pretty shades.  They just stand out so well against the typical nail polish shades you see out there.  The formula was nice as well.  This had more of a crelly feel than a straight creme.  It is not a one coat wonder like many of the Takko cremes.  It needs two coats for full opacity and looks best with a glossy top coat.

Takko Lacquer - Marigold - McPolish

Black and White Nails for the #31DC2017Weekly

Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend (for those of your who celebrate).  For this week of the challenge, we are doing black and white nails.  I know, my nails are not just black and white.  But I through a little pop of color would be nice.  Neon pink always goes well with black and white.  So I used it for a double accent nail in this manicure.

Black and White Nails for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish