Friday, May 27, 2016

Awesome Sauce Indie Box - The Cake Box


On this wonderful Friday, we are taking a look at the newest Awesome Sauce Indie Box.  The Cake Box is to celebrate the 1 year birthday/anniversary of the Awesome Sauce Indie Box.  For this special installment, there are six polishes in this box along with four different extra goodies.  Preorder started today and will continue for one week.  Let's take a look at everything in this cake inspired box!

Awesome Sauce Indie Box - The Cake Box - McPolish

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Takko Tuesday! - Opal Dust

Happy Takko Tuesday!

Are you ready for a huge release of new takkitos this week?  Friday is the day and you can pre-order for the first time.  Hopefully, this will mean everyone can get what they want.  There will be one limited edition shade, "Opal Dust".  So if you want this baby (and you will) you should get to the pre-order window with a quickness.  Let's take a look at "Opal Dust" and then we can talk more about the pre-order afterwards.

Takko Lacquer - Opal Dust - McPolish

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Striped Nails for the #31DC2016Weekly

Hey all!

For this weeks prompt, Stripes, I wasn't sure what to do.  I kept thinking of the same look I did last year, stripes and flowers.  But I decided to do a take on a nail art look I did a very long time ago.  Stripes of color and little details.  I started with a base of OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls and a quick dry top coat.  For the stripes, used Nail Vinyls to block of sections and painted them in with neon color.  the neon green, neon pink and neon yellow are all acrylic paint that you can get from any crafts store.  I used these because it is so easy to fix mistakes.  All you need to do is gently scratch off the dried paint and start over.  On each nail, I did a tiny little design in one the stripes.  Leopard print, cheetah print, tiny dots and stripes all done with a tiny little paint brush.  Once it dried, I topped it all off with a glossy top coat.   What do you think!?

Neon stripes and tiny details for the #31DC2016Weekly - McPolish

Neon stripes and tiny details for the #31DC2016Weekly - McPolish

I like how these turned out but I wish I would have put a thicker top coat on.  The acrylic paint is a little raised and rough.  But the neon colors are bright and fun for summer.  Make sure you check out the #31DC2016Weekly tag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see all of the other great nail art looks for the challenge.

Thanks for stopping by!
 - Amy 'McPolish' McG

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekend Nailz - The Syrup Collection

Hi folks!

I hope you have had a fantastic week.  I am definitely ready for the weekend.  So how about looking at new to me brand...Weekend Nailz.  This little indie brand has a collection of jelly polishes as well as nail charms on their Etsy store.  These jelly polishes can be used for so many nail art looks.  Instead of just showing you swatches of sheer jellies, I decided to show a few different ways to use them in nail art.   The colors are pretty standard in this Syrup Collection and cover the range of the rainbow as well as brown and black.  Also, they have a really nice quick dry top coat available.  It is nice and thick and dries just as fast as any other indie top coat.  The top coat is 3-free but the jellies are all 5-free.  Let's take a look at some nail art!

Weekend Nailz - The Syrup Collection - McPolish

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pahlish - May 2016 shimmers


Today, I have the newest collection from Pahlish.  This collection of six shimmers doesn't have an official name but was loosely inspired by the game series, Professor Layton.  The colors are slightly muted and the shimmer is soft. Let's take a look!

Pahlish May 2016 shimmers - McPolish


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