Takko Tuesday! - Spirited Away

Happy Takko Tuesday!

Did you guys snag any polishes in the Takko Lacquer restock this past Friday?  I hope you did.  I still to no have any new takkitos to share with you but I have been successful in my destash hunting.  I found an older Takko shade that I am legit in love with.  "Spirited Away" was originally released in 2013.  It was a super saturated pink/purple holographic shade but over time has faded.  Pretty much all of the bottles I have seen in destashes are faded.  I think this was because of a vibrant pink pigment that was used during the past few years.  I have multiple bottles of similar pink polishes from other indie companies that have had similar fading issues.  I don't know if storing these bright pinks away from light would help.  Regardless, I never had the original pink shade to compare.  But sure as hell love the faded version!  My bottle has faded to the palest icy pink shade with tons of aqua/teal microshimmer and soft linear holographic effect.

Takko Lacquer - Spirited Away - McPolish

Inspired by a Color for the #31DC2017Weekly


We are in the home stretch of the weekly version of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.  The last 10 weeks of the challenge are the toughest prompts.  All of the themes from here on out are all pulling inspiration from art and culture.  Usually, I start to get heavy on the hand painting.  Hopefully, my ideas will play out well on the nails.  For this week, we are doing manicures inspired by a color.  I was inspired by the color teal.  So I create a smooshy marbled manicure using several teal shades.  Oh yeah...and I gave my nails the chop!  Back to those little nubbins that I love so much :)

Inspired by Teal for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish - squishy marble mani

Celestial Cosmetics and Color4Nails Stamping polishes

Hey there!

Celestial Cosmetics has teamed up with Color4Nails to create a line of stamping polishes.  They have already released a set of creme shades and now have come out with a few holographic options.  I have the 5 new holographic shades to share with you today.  I will be showing you each color stamped over a light and dark base as well at the stamping polish used on it's own.  Overall, there polishes stamped well but you have to be selective on what color based to use them over.  They all showed up nicely over light bases but were iffy over the darker bases.  These new holo shades released on Friday, so let's get into the colors!
Celestial Cosmetics stamping polishes for Color4Nails - McPolish

Watermarble Nails for the #31DC2017 Weekly

Hi there!

I am just getting in my challenge nails for the week by the skin of my teeth!  For the 20th week of the #31DC2017Weekly, we are doing Watermarbles.  Everyone's favorite nail art technique.  Haha!  Some people love doing this technique while others continuously struggle.  I am just average at it.  I mess it ip a bunch of times before I get something that I like.  I do prefer using jelly polishes for watermarbles, they just seem to spread better for me than cremes or shimmers. This week, I did a design that I haven't really done before.  More of a striped look that a classic flower design.  And then I stamped over it!  Crazy times, yo.

Watermarble Nails for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish

Native War Paints - Copper Beach Trio


Do you remember the awesomeness that was the Native War Paints Copper Penny Collection?  I do...because that copper shimmer that they use was just so delightful.  Well, we have three new polishes from NWP that fit along with that collection.  The Copper Beach Trio is three copper shimmer polishes perfect for summer.  These pretties released today, so let's take a look at #datshimmer!

Native War Paints - Copper Beach Trio - McPolish