Road to Polish Con - Week 4 (Bohemian Polish, Contrary Polish, Anonymous Lacquer)

Hi there!

I have another set of beautiful polishes to share with you for Week 4 of the Road to Polish Con series!  Each week leading up to The Polish Convention in Chicago this September, there will be three exclusive polishes offered from indie brands attending the convention.  These polishes will only be available for purchase for one week and then a new batch of exclusives will be released.  See the previous weeks here!  For the fourth week of the series, we have polishes from Bohemian Polish, Contrary Polish and Anonymous Lacquer.  Let's take a look!

Road to Polish Con - Week 4 - McPolish

Ellagee - Hella Holo Customs

Hi friends!

I have three of the prettiest little holographic polishes to share with you today!  Ellagee is one of the guest makers for the Hella Holo Customs group this month.  This is a Facebook group that provides inspiration photos to makers then votes on the photos and the names of the custom creations.  You will only be able to purchase these polishes by joining the HHC Facebook Group.  So go ahead and do that now so you can get your hands on these delicious shades!

Ellagee - Hella Holo Customs - McPolish

Takko Tuesday! - The Yellow Ribbon

Happy Takko Tuesday!

I am sure it is still Tuesday somewhere!  I was able to scare another older Takko Lacquer polish in a destash sale.  This is great because I am running out of Takkos to share on Takko Tuesday.  We should have some new takkitos popping up soon though.  "The Yellow Ribbon" was originally released last summer exclusive to the A Box, Indied.  It was the very last A Box, Indied to be released which made it extra special.  I mean...we all know it was extra special because it had a Takko in it, too.

Takko Lacquer - The Yellow Ribbon - McPolish

Galaxy Nails for the #31DC2017Weekly

Hi there!

Well...I am a little late with challenge this week.  I should be showing you watermarble nails today but instead I have my galaxy nails from last week!  Oops.  But I will get caught up this week, I promise.  Galaxy nails are great.  They look complicated but are actually very easy to create.  It is difficult to mess them up.  Each year I say that I am going to do pastel galaxy nails for the challenge and each year I just end up doing traditional galaxy nails.  Well...this year I actually did some pastel galaxy nails!  They aren't as mesmerizing as traditional galaxy nails, in my opinion, but they are fun to look at nonetheless.

Pastel Galaxy Nails for the #31DC2017Weekly - McPolish

Road to Polish Con - Week 3 (KBShimmer, Lollipop Posse Lacquer, Darling Diva Polish)

Hello there!

It's Thursday...that means it is time to look at next week's exclusive shades for the Road to Polish Con series!   For Week 3, we have special polishes from three indie brands that will be attending The Polish Convention this fall in Chicago.  We will have shades from KBShimmer, Lollipop Posse Lacquer and Darling Diva Polish available starting on Sunday.  Right now, you can still get Week 2 polishes up until Saturday.  I heard that Week 1 polishes have already started shipping out if you opted to have then shipped each week.  You also have the option to have all of the Road to Polish Con polishes shipped in one package at the end to save on shipping costs.  I think that is a fantastic feature!  Are you ready to see what is coming up for Week 3?

Road to Polish Con - Week 3 - McPolish