Sunday, April 13, 2014

SindiePop! - Mystery Gang Collection

Zoinks!  These polishes are awesome, Scoobs!
Today I have swatches from the Mystery Gang collection from SindiePop! Cosmetics.   This group of 5 polishes (1 crelly and 4 glitter toppers) is inspired by the loveable Scooby Doo characters.  One things I love about Jessica's polishes, is her great color combinations.  She really knows how to make contrasting but complimentary combinations.  This is an older collection but I am sure it will be around for a while. 

Let's start with my favorite glitter topper of the bunch, Danger Prone Daphne.  I used 2 coats over Orly Boho Bonnet and Ulta Cream of the Crop.  I tested this glitter over several colors and they all looked great!  The periwinkle blue glitters are a great contrast to the other jewel toned glitters.

SindiePop! - Mystery Gang - Danget Prone Daphne

Up next is Jinkie!, a red, orange, purple and black glitter topper.  Velma is the inspiration behind this polish.  I used 1.5 coats over OPI Love Angel Music Baby and China Glaze Grape Pop.  I really like red and purple together! 

SindiePop! - Mystery Gang - Jinkies!
 Scooby Dooby Doo is next!  This was another great glitter topper that went well over many different colors.  I used 1 coat over OPI Amazon-Amazoff and China Glaze At Vase Value.  The color of these glitter is a perfect match of Scooby Doo's colors: gold, blue, black and caramel. 

SindiePop! - Mystery Gang - Scooby Dooby Doo

Next up is a glitter topper called Zoinks! which is inspired by the infamous Shaggy.  I used 1.5 coats over OPI Fly and Zoya Louise with an accent nail of some tiny watch parts from WatchThisWatchThat.  There are some pale green glitters in this mix that my photos were not showcasing well. 

SindiePop! - Mystery Gang - Zoinks!

The only crelly in this collection is Team Daphne.   Inspired by Fred, this is a white crelly with orange, blue and white glitters.  I used two coats with an accent nail of OPI MBSW and a Big Ruby nail tattoo.  I love this color combo (it must be the Gator girl in me!)

SindiePop! - Mystery Gang - Team Daphne

I hope you enjoyed these watches.  The glitter combinations in these polishes really match the characters they were inspired by.  Who is your favorite Scooby Doo character?


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-Amy McG (McPolish)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Tillie Polish - Sweet Treats

Hello Spring!

Today I have one of my favorite indie polish brands to share with you.  Tillie Polish is a wonderful company founded by three sisters that love polish.  I do not have a single polish from these ladies that I do not just love.  What I love about their polishes...they are not glitter bombs!  If you are into indie polish at all, you know how many brands are glitter crazy.  Tillie Polish has great crèmes and shimmers to add to your collection.  Perfect application, vibrant colors, smooth and creamy...everything you want in polish!  So you can imagine my sheer joy when I opened up my mailbox to find a surprise package of their new spring collection, Sweet Treats.   There are 5 bright and springy colors in this collection, 2 crèmes and 3 subtle shimmers.  So get ready for some nail art and swatches!


Tillie Pollish - Sweet Treats - Splash Flower mani

I used all five of the Sweet Treats collection to create this Splash Flower nail art.  It was easy and fun and looks awesome.  I followed a tutorial made by my pal Emily at The Lacquerologist.  Go check it out and try it for yourself!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

LA Girl Black Illusion Swatches

If there's one thing I love more than a linear holo, it's a squishy jelly-based scattered holo. Although I love my Zoya scattered holos, and my piCture pOlish scattered holos, I always go back to my LA Girl 3D Effects Hologram Collection. This was a collection of scattered holographic polishes that cost just $4 to $5 each (still available on and the LAgirl website, although I'm unsure of in-store availability). These polishes are stunning, and just as gorgeous as the more expensive brands.

This is LA Girl Black Illusion, a black jelly base loaded with scattered holographic flecks. The color is really more of a dark grey than black. I don't usually wear black nail polish, so I actually prefer the dark grey to black! The best part of this polish is that the uncolored base means every color of the rainbow is visible reflecting in the scattered holographic flecks, and it's stunning!

The formula on these polishes is thick, but quite easy to apply. Black Illusion one was opaque in 2 coats, and I added a third coat for more depth (photos show 3 coats and SV topcoat). The wear time is excellent, I wore this one for more than three days with only a little tip wear (and I'm not very gentle on my hands/nails).

Isn't it just stunning? Are you a fan of scattered holos?


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stamping over nail vinyls

Hi Girls! Sorry I have been MIA lately. I started a new job back in late January and I have been so busy. I usually would write parts of my blog posts during my breaks at work but sadly I have had to put it off to the back burner.

Today I just wanted to show you my stamping I did using some nail vinyl stickers I had ordered online.

I started my base with some of my favorite OPI's. Alpine snow, Black Onyx and Hey Baby. 

I then applied nail vinyl stickers. You can also use regular tape and cut them with pinking sheers. 

I got my stamping image ready to apply to my nail

After stamping and removing the nail stickers. You have a very unique image. I chose chevrons for a creative accent nail.

I hope you give this a try. Let me know what you think! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Load Lacquers Jiggles - Vibrant Set

Are you ready for more Jelly Sandwiches?!?!?

I hope that you all enjoyed my last installment of jelly sandwich spam.  Today have the second half of the Loaded Lacquers Jiggles Collection.  This set of jellies are very bright and fun and scream summer time!  As before, these jelly polishes are just fantastic.  For all of these manicures I used two coats of jelly polish, one layer of glitter polish, one layer of jelly polish followed with a top coat.  All the glitters I used are also from Loaded Lacquer.  And of course there will be tons of EPIC macros!!  Be sure to check out Heather's site for all the jelly goodness!

Loaded LAcquer Jiggles - Vibrant Set



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