Friday, July 18, 2014

Loaded Lacquer - Sushi Bar Collection

 Happy Friday!
Do you love Loaded Lacquer polishes?  I love Loaded Lacquer polishes.  Apparently everyone else does too because when the Sushi Bar Collection launched it sold out instantly.  Lucky for you, Heather has been working on a huge restock which goes live today at 6pm CST.  The Sushi Bar Collection showcases two jelly polishes and two glitter toppers, plus lots of shifty holo goodness.  Lots of photos and macros after the jump!

Loaded Lacquer - Sushi Bar Collection

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pipe Dream Polish Neons

Hello Summer!

We just had our first tropical storm of the season, so that means summer is in full swing!    Neon nail polish is the quintessential summer fashion statement.  They are so bright and so fun (especially on toes peaking out of the sand at the beach!).  Pipe Dream Polish is launching a new summer neon collection composed of seven crèmes and four jelly glitters called "A Night in Vegas".  Today, I have five of the neon crèmes to share!  I have been a HUGE fan of April's polishes.  I have a formidable army of these glittertastic babies, so I was beyond excited when she asked me to review her new collection.  I hope you will love these as much as I do!  This post is very picture heavy, so be sure to click through for all the photos and bring your sunglasses.

Pipe Dream Polish - A Night in Vegas Neons


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

KBShimmer - Pigment of my Imagination

Get ready for some color shifty awesomeness!
 Today I have for you one of my only multichrome polishes.  The beauty is from KBShimmer and is called "Pigment of my Imagination".  I have always liked shifty duochromes but I had never jumped on the multichrome bandwagon until recently.  A "multichrome" polish has pigments that shift into multiple colors based on the lighting and angle.  This polish has flashes of navy, purple, magenta, red then some orange to gold at extreme angles.  With all this color shifty can expect to get stopped at traffic lights staring at your fingers changing colors.  For these swatches I used two coats for full opacity topped with KBShimmer "Clearly on Top" quick dry top coat.  Check out all the colors and be sure to watch the little Flipgram video of even more shiftiness :)

KBShimmer - Pigment of my Imagination
Straight on shot showing off the deep blue base color.

KBShimmer - Pigment of my Imagination
Slightly angled shot with two light sources to show off the blue-purple shift.

KBShimmer - Pigment of my Imagination
More blue to purple/red shift.

KBShimmer - Pigment of my Imagination
Greater angled to capture the shiftiness.

KBShimmer - Pigment of my Imagination
Water droplet macro to REALLY bring out all the colors in one shot.
Oh.  Em.  Gee.
Amazing right?  I hope you liked the little video showing off all the colors at all the angles.  Those little water droplets really help bend the light and show off even more flashes of color.  KBShimmer has a few other mutlichromes and they even come with a holographic option.  Get them here:

KBShimmer (USA)
Harlow and Company (International)

Amy McG  - McPolish

Monday, June 16, 2014

My first P2 Cosmetics!

Guten Tag!

I recently participated in my first international nail mail swap.  My buddy, Beninga, and I swapped drug store brands that neither if us could get in our respective counties very easily.  She wanted Hard Candy, Sinful Colors and Orly from the US.  I wanted P2, Essence and Catrice from Germany.  I was so ecstatic over the amount of awesome in my box from Germany!  Tons of textured polish and lots of orange and coral colors.  I love textured polish :)  It makes great accent nails and I use them in all of my skittlettes.   But I had no idea just how awesome P2 Volume Gloss line was.  Holy hell!  These polishes have the most perfect, creamy, glossy formula ever.  I seriously want them all!

So here is my very first P2 mani!  I used 2 coats of Business Woman from the Volume Gloss line and 2 coats of Strict from the Sand Style line.  I did not use a top coat.  Repeat...I DID NOT USE A TOP COAT!  Look at that perfect shiny finish!!!!  I'm in love!

P2 Business Woman and Strict

P2 Business Woman and Strict

P2 Business Woman and Strict

Don't you wish you could just run out to Walgreens and pick up this whole line of polishes?  I do.  But I will have to wait for another package from Germany :) 

Danke Freunde!
- Amy McG aka McPolish

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pipe down this Love is Bliss June box

Hi lovelies!

There is a super cool monthly indie polish box available that you should definitely check out!  "Pipe down this Love is Bliss" is a themed monthly polish box that is the combination of three indie brands: Pipe Dream Polish, Love Angeline and Bliss Polish.  Each month they also feature another indie maker to round out the box with 4 exclusive polishes for $30.  For June, the theme of the box is "Take Me Away" and all the polishes are inspired by a tropical beach vacation.  The ladies asked The Juice Box Lacquer to join in for this months box and it is a bittersweet collaboration because Bre is closing up shop.  This will be one of her last new polishes to be you better get your hands on it!

Pipe Down this Love is Bliss June box

"Sunset on Paradise" is the polish from Bliss Polish.  I love this orange/coral crelly!  There is a mix of red and pink and gold glitters that really make you think of a tropical sunset.  I used 2 thick coats with a top coat for this swatch.

Pipe Down this Love is Bliss June box

"Sand Castles" is from Love, Angeline.  Oh boy!  I just love, love, love this polish.  It's a very flattering nude polish with a subtle holo and multicolored microflakies.  So beautiful!  I used 2 coats for full coverage along with a top coat.

Pipe Down this Love is Bliss June box

"Sea Bubbles" is from Pipe Dream Polish.  I dabbed on 1 coat of this teal/blue holo glitter topper over a coral base.  Who doesn't love circle glitter???  This glitter looks great over many colors.

Pipe Down this Love is Bliss June box

"Sparkling Waters" is the special, goodbye polish from The Juice Box Lacquer.  This is really stunning and full of teal and gold flakies.  I used three coats for full opacity but this looks great with one coat over darker colors.

Pipe Down this Love is Bliss June box

The "Take Me Away" box releases today at 10am PST!!  You can get all 4 of these exclusive polishes for just $30 plus shipping and handling.  There will only be 30 boxes available, so be sure to order one before they are all gone!!

This month the "Pipe down this Love is Bliss" box will be sold from the Bliss Polish store.  But be sure to check out all the stores for even more indie beauties!

Bliss Polish store
Pipe Dream Polish store
Love, Angeline store
The Juice Box Lacquer store
Pipe down this Love is Bliss IG page

- Amy McG


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