Friday, May 22, 2015

Virago Varnish - Enchanting Sirens picks

Hi all!
I have some stunners to share with you today!  I have been ogling over Virago Varnish for months now.  My pal, Holly, has been posting rave reviews on her YouTube channel and making me NEED these sparkly babies.  I resisted for a while, but then the Enchanting Sirens collection launched and I couldn't help myself.  Luckily for me, the creator of Virago Varnish, Adrienne, saw my gushings on Instagram and sent me my faves for swatching and review.  Yippee!!  So...I have four polishes from the collection to share.  Are you ready?!?

First, let's talk about "Entice".  She is a eggplant purple jelly that is jam packed full of golden/coppery holographic microglitter.  This was pretty opaque in one coat but I did two to even it all out for this swatch.  It does dry a little matte and gritty, so a good thick top coat really makes the holo glitter pop.  I love pairing purple and gold together!

Virago Varnish - Enchanting Sirens - McPolish - ENTICE

Virago Varnish - Enchanting Sirens - McPolish - ENTICE

Next, is "Temptress" which is a fiery orange.  This polish was less opaque than the others I tried but was still good with only two coats for me.  The jelly base is definitely orange with a strong red tint but it looks much more red in my photos that it did in real life.  Again, this was packed with gold holographic microglitter and needed a glossy top coat to smooth it out.  On fire!

Virago Varnish - Enchanting Sirens - McPolish - TEMPTRESS

Virago Varnish - Enchanting Sirens - McPolish - TEMPTRESS

"Melody" is awesome!  This has a clear base overflowing with gold holographic microglitter.  I only used two coats to get it fully opaque.  I found this tone of gold to be quite unique.  It's not too yellow.  It's not really a champagne.  I would call it dirty gold :)  Again, a good glossy top coat makes all the difference with bringing out the holo.

Virago Varnish - Enchanting Sirens - McPolish - MELODY

Virago Varnish - Enchanting Sirens - McPolish - MELODY

I saved the best for last.  "Harmony" is just...gah...stunning!  I don't have anything quite like this polish in my collection (and that is a feat!).  When I first saw swatches of this, I thought it was a dark brown microglitter.  But no.  It is actually a black jelly base stuffed to the brim with that same golden/coppery holographic microglitter.  I feel my photos pale in comparison to the actual beauty of this polish in real life.  I used two coats with a glossy top coat for these swatches.

Virago Varnish - Enchanting Sirens - McPolish - HARMONY

Virago Varnish - Enchanting Sirens - McPolish - HARMONY

What do you think?  Gorgeous, right?  There are 3 other polishes in this collection and Virago Varnish has many other holographic microglitters in their catalog.  Make sure to check them out and let me know if you end up trying any of these beauties yourself.

Virago Varnish store
Virago Varnish Facebook
Virago Varnish Instagram 

Thanks for stopping by!
- Amy McG (McPolish)

*products provided for honest review*


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Zoya - Remy and Sansa

Hello loves!

It's that time of the year again!  It's time for my favorite nail polish brand to have everyone's favorite sale.  Zoya's Earth Day Exchange sale is a popular time to stock up on all the Zoya Nail Polish that you have been eyeing.  Check out the full details on the sale here.  But basically, you get your coveted Zoya's for 50% off.  You can even send in your old, crusty nail polishes to them for safe disposal and keep them out of land fills.  It's a win-win situation.  You are not required to send them your old polishes to take advantage of the sale though.  The Earth Day Exchange sale is going on through April 28th.  I am going to try and share some Zoya swatches with you this week to hopefully help you add a little bit more to your sale list.  Sorry...I'm an enabler.  What can I say?

Today, I am sharing with you two stunners from the Ignite collection.  This collection came out in Fall 2014 and featured gorgeous deep toned shimmery polishes.  They are all amazing (I couldn't help myself and snagged the whole collection) but these two are my favorites.

First, let's talk about Sansa.  Not only is this polish named after and beloved Game of Thrones character but it is a stand out in the collection.  She has a deep, eggplant purple base with a ton of gold and purple shimmer.  The shimmer is more like microflakes of shifty goodness, check out the macro to see them.  I used two coats with a top coat when I wore this manicure.  It didn't stain and applied smoothly.

Zoya - Sansa - Earth Day Exchange - McPolish

Zoya - Sansa - Earth Day Exchange - McPolish

Zoya - Sansa - Earth Day Exchange - McPolish - MACRO

Next, we have Remy.  She is the crowd favorite of this collection with her deep blue base and shifty shimmer.  The shimmer in this polish is a combo of gold and turquoise.  It will flash more blue in certain light and more teal in others.  Again, no staining and great application.  Two coats and a top coat for this manicure.

Zoya - Remy - Earth Day Exchange - McPolish

Zoya - Remy - Earth Day Exchange - McPolish

Zoya - Remy - Earth Day Exchange - McPolish - MACRO

Do you have these polishes or others from this collection?  Are you adding either of these to your order wish list?  Let me know if you pick them up and if you plan on taking advantage of the 50% off sale!

Zoya online store
Zoya Earth Day Exchange sale details

Take care!
Amy McG (McPolish)

*Products purchased by me*

Monday, April 20, 2015

Cirque Colors - Magic Hour holos


It's warming up out there and starting to feel a lot more like summer!  I will miss spring but I am excited for summer colors.  And what so we wear in the summer on our nails??  Neons!  And what type of polish is the most fun to wear in the sunshine?  Holographics!  So, put those two together and you have a winning combo.  Today, I have four limited edition holographic polishes from Cirque Colors to share with you from the Magic Hour collection.  This collection is exclusive to Nordstrom's Magic Hour pop-in shops curated by Olivia Kim.  These small shops are only in a select number of Nordstrom stores.  But you can purchase any of the limited edition products online like I did.  I snagged the four holographic polishes in this collection the moment they were available online and I can't wait to share them with you!

Cirque Colors - Magic Hour Collection Holos - McPolish

Click through for all the holo goodness!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cirque Colors - The Metropolis Collection for April 2015

Hello April!

Today, I have two lovely creme polishes being released by Cirque Colors this month.  Cirque started releasing creme shades of polishes every month as part of their Metropolis Collection.  Each of the polishes are inspired by places around New York City.  For April, we have two brightly colored cremes that are perfect for not only spring, but transitioning into summer too!  The polishes released each month as part of the Metropolis Collection are not limited edition.  You will be able to get these polishes at any time until they retire the shade.  I really enjoy this type of monthly release.  We are always looking forward to new colors and our pocket books are not severely damaged but the release of a big collection all at once.  Want to see the pretty polishes!?!?

Cirque Colors April 2015 Metropolis Collection - McPolish

Monday, March 30, 2015

Nayll Custom Polishes - The Peterson Girls 2.0


The fun thing about indie polish is all the cool glitter combinations you can get.  And indie makers do an amazing job at creating interesting combos.  But have you ever wanted a specific glitter combination and just couldn't find that exact polish anywhere?  Well, you are in luck!  Nayll is a company out of California that is set up to make custom polishes just the way you want them.  All you do it go to their site, select your base, then select your glitters or shimmers.  It's that easy!  You even get to name your polish and the name goes right on the label.  Such a cool idea.  And what is even better...the polishes don't suck!

I decided to make 4 polishes in honor of my four girl cousins.  Us second gen Peterson girls are amazing.  Just like the original Peterson girls, our mothers.  I am not sure how other families work, but in ours, cousins are almost as equally close and important as siblings.  I freaking love them!  Are you close with your cousins?  So, if you want to see the cool creations I made in their on through!

Nayll custom nail polishes - McPolish


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