Delicate Print Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly

Hi lovelies,

I have a simple little stamping mani to share with you today for the delicate print prompt of the #31DC2018Weekly.  I tend to be drawn to stamping plates with delicate floral or abstract images.  They stamp well and you don't have to be very precise with them.  You get a fly manicure every time!

Delicate print nails for the #31DC2018Weekly by McPolish

Floral Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly

Hi all!

For this week's prompt in the #31DC2018Weekly, we are doing floral nails!  Flowers are always a staple in the nail art world.  There are a billion and one ways to paint them on your nails.  This my manicure this week, I was totally inspired by an old manicure by Nails by Miri.  I have had it saved in my collection of nail art inspiration photos for a year now.  It seemed like this week was a good time to give it a try!  I used different colors and no studs in my look.  Overall, I am happy with the outcome.  It was approved by Lotte, so I had to share!

Floral Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly by McPolish

Animal Print Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly

Hey there!

I am officially caught up with the challenge now!  Today, I have my animal print nails for you.  Mine aren't exactly an animal print but they do have bits of real animals on them.  I used some real feathers from the craft store on my nails in a fun little brown skittlette mani for the prompt.  Let's take a look!

Feather Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly - McPolish

Takko Tuesday! - Gemini

Happy Takko Tuesday!

I have the last shade in the second installment of the Zodiac Collection from Takko Lacquer to share with you today.  Preorder for the three new shades just ended but you can be sure to see these beauties up for sale after the preorders go out.  And you can always pick them up at Polish Con in a few weeks!  Are any of you guys going?  I'll be there helping out at the Takko booth, so be sure to stop by and say hello.  Let's take a look at Gemini!

Takko Lacquer - Gemini - McPolish

Striped Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly


I am almost caught up!  Today, I have my striped nails to share with you for Week 12 of my weekly version of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.  I chose of calming colors and a little image of a succulent for this mani.  I have been obsessed with succulents over the past few years.  I am a brown thumb but my mother can make any plant thrive.  So, for Mother's Day this month, I got her a few succulents to start her rock garden off right.  Hopefully, I can watch her grow these beauties now!  My manicure today combines regular stamping with a little reverse stamping.  I think it all ties in well together!

Striped succulent nails for the #31DC2018Weekly - McPolish