Takko Tuesday! - Cancer

Happy Takko Tuesday!

I have another new Takko Lacquer to share with you all today!  On May 24th, the second trio from the Zodiac Collection will be available for preorder.  And believe me, you will need this gem!  “Cancer” is so so so cool looking. A great addition to the collection this year.

Takko Lacquer - Cancer - McPolish

Takko Tuesday! - Leo

Happy Takko Tuesday!

I have a brand new Takko Lacquer to share with you today!  The second installment of the Zodiac Collection is about to launch.  For the next set of three, we will be looking at the summer signs.  Today, I have Leo to share.  I really love this shade because it's orange.  You know me...I love orange polishes.  Takko has done quite a few oranges in the past.  This one is darker in tone than previous oranges but has the same great shimmer that we all love from Takko Lacquer!

Takko Lacquer - Leo - McPolish

Gradient Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly

Hey there!!

People...I will catch up with the challenge.  I am currently still a week behind but I will remedy that this week.  Pinkie swear!  but I do have my gradient nails for you today.  And I love them!  My fellow nail art pal, Gianna, recently did this amazing muted neutral toned gradient floral  manicure and I knew I needed to recreate it.  It spoke to me!  See the original mani on Nailstorming's IG page.  I took her idea and changes it up slightly.  But it is very similar.  Not as perfect as hers but I still dig it.

Gradient Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly - McPolish

Girly Bits Cosmetics - Sparrow of the Dawn


I have something extra, extra special to share with you today.  As many of you know, I am a music fiend.  I love to see live music and especially like to travel to see shows in new places.  Vacationing and good tunes all in one go!  Well, I have found another fellow music lover in the nail polish world.  Pam, the creator of Girly Bits Cosmetics, is a huge music lover as well.  We have spent the past 6+ months gushing over out love of Greta Van Fleet.  I have mentioned this band before on the blog and I am still totally obsessed with them.  They are bringing back Rock and Roll!  Girly Bits Cosmetics has created a new polish to add to their Concert Series Collection inspired by Greta Van Fleet and it is awesome.  I, of course, am completely biased but I really do think you all will love it.

This is exactly the polish I will be wearing to see the band with Pam in Detroit in less than two weeks!  Yay!  My favorite band with a cool AF nail polish chick...I am stoked :)

Girly Bits Cosmetics - Sparrow of the Dawn - McPolish

Rainbow Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly


I am still a week behind with the #31DC2018Weekly.  But I really, really like what I created for the Rainbow Nails prompt!  I tried out a new to me nail art technique and I just love it.  It's called fluid nail art and has become very popular with the release of Sinful Colors HypnoticTransforming Top Coats.  I never saw these top coats in the stores around me.  But when I saw the cool nail art people were doing with them, I snatched up a set on Ebay.  I have used similar polishes like these in the past.  OPI's Black Spotted and Takko Lacquer's Pandamonium are the ones I have tried.  They were both black.  The colors of the Sinful Colors polishes are awesome!  I am so happy with the results playing with these polishes for the first time.  I can't wait to do more!

Rainbow Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly - McPolish - Sinful Colors Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat