Essie Dive Bar Swatch

I've been really into Essie polishes lately. I think this is because I run into them quite frequently and it's so easy to just slip one into my basket at the Walgreens/CVS. Regardless... they have some fun colors!

I've wanted Essie Dive Bar for some time. You see, I love diving. I've been a certified SCUBA diver for 8 years. I know that "Dive Bar" refers to an alcohol serving establishment (Bar) but I can't help but imagine that this deep blue instead refers to diving, my passion.

Anyways, Dive Bar is a darkened blue shimmer with a hint of teal. In the bottle it deceptively appears to have a beautiful purple duochrome, but I can't see any hint of purple on the nail, and I looked at this color from every angle! I was slightly disappointed, but still it's very pretty.

Indoors with flash:

Formula was great, two coats and it applied beautifully. I did have a slight issue with tip wear, but I'm horribly rough on my hands.

Do you own any polishes you've purchased just because you love the name?

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