Wet n Wild On a Trip Swatch

Wet n Wild Megalast On a Trip is a fantastic bluish-purple creme. I'm a huge fan of these megalast polishes, because I love every one I've picked up. They are pretty, have a decent brush, and the formula is great to work with. Overall these do "mega-last) and have surprisingly long wear time.

On a trip is more of a bluish purple lilac, significantly more purple than it looks below.

Sorry that my posts have been so short and simple lately! There are two weeks left until the end of my 1st year of graduate school. In the next week I have 2 presentations, 2 papers, a cumulative final exam and a take home final exam (the take home is in statistics... and I'm horrible at statistics). I also have one week more of teaching intro bio and about 200 exams to grade. I haven't had much time for my nails other than the occasional color change to relax and de-stress. I've been through 5 or so new polishes but haven't had time to photograph them!

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