Zoya Share The Love Program

Today I want to share with you a fantastic new program with Zoya. Every time you start a new account using a referral link, you get a code for a free nail polish to start you out! I learned about this from the fantastic blogger of Rustic Comfort and created a new account (I wasn't previously signed up with Zoya). Sure enough the code for a free nail polish was there in my account! Best of all is they also offer free shipping when you order 3 Zoya polishes right now. :) Can it get any better? I know I want to try out their summer collections.

If you want to sign up through my referral link, just click below and then click "create an account" at the top of the page.

Click here!

Note: Although I do benefit from this offer in the form of "points" once someone creates an account and completes a purchase, I mostly want to share the opportunity for a free polish with anyone who doesn't already have a Zoya account. I encourage you to also use Rustic Comfort's referral code!


  1. I used this referral code! How do I get the free shipping? I ordered three!

    1. I had the option of free shipping after I hit the checkout button under the "shipping information" tab. :)