Zoya Sooki Swatch

Do you ever get in a kick? Where all you want to wear on your nails is glitters/shimmers/jellies/cremes? I'm definitely in a creme phase. For a while I was crazy for glitters but now I'm digging the smooth perfect shine that you can only get from a creme or a jelly.

This one is Zoya Sooki, a bright cherry red creme! I know that it looks very similar to Zoya Carmen, but it is quite different. Sooki is a more orange-toned bright cherry red, while Carmen is toned down a bit. Carmen is more of a crelly while Sooki is definitely a creme. Sooki's formula is also much nicer than Carmen, it covered in just two flawless coats.

I just love these reds. For a long time I wouldn't touch a red nearly this bright, but now I can't seem to get enough. It's so bright, so flawless, so pretty.

Just look at that shine! I can see the reflection of clouds. :)

I picked up Zoya Sooki as part of Zoya's 50% off earth day promotion. I had no idea about this promotion before I saw all of the bloggers posting about it, so if you missed out, just wait til next year!

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