Another Water Marble Fail..

I love water marbling every time I see what someone else has done. It always looks so pretty, unique, and interesting. Unfortunately I am a complete and utter failure at water marbling. I think it comes down to being a perfectionist, and no matter how you try every nail will not be identical. Then there's bubbling, making messes, and clean up.. and I don't try this technique very often. My left hand was awful, so here I'm showing you my right!

Here is the one nail that I am proud of, which just so happened to be the first nail I tried... giving me false hope for the future.

I used the Essie Poppy-Razzi collection for the water marble, and Sally Hansen Rapid Dri Whirlwind white as my base color. It was much brighter in person, but neons are so hard to photograph..

Here is the water marble with the shirt I was trying to match!

Do you water marble? Or like me do you attempt water marbling but never actually wear it as a full mani?


  1. No fail. They look pretty cool.

  2. You haven't failed! They look awesome. :)

  3. This isn't a fail at all! They look awesome, don't put yourself down :)

  4. I love water marbles.. this is definitely not a fail although I can see it doesn't exactly match the shirt. Marbles are tricky like that!