Bad Nail Day?

I wanted to take a moment to apologize for being so lax about posting, present my excuses, then bribe you with the promise of prizes!

I had big plans this last week/weekend for swatching more of my China Glaze summer collection, Zoya Order, Cult Nails order etc... before I had a nail mishap. When I broke off my thumb nail I was faced with a decision, and in the end I decided it would bother me if my nails were all different lengths so my nails went down to nubbins. I've since come to realize that I hate my nails this short and rounded (especially the broken thumb nail) and I just can't bring myself to photograph my nails. For a few days I was conservatively using up some stockpiled images but I've got nothing left.

So here are my plans for the future:

  • 4th of July Red White and Blue Manicures (including several indies: Paris Sparkles Election Day, Darling Diva Polish Anita, Elemental Styles limited edition U.S. A-mericium and nail art)
  • Swatches and comparisons between all of the lovely pinks from CG Summer neons
  • Cult Nails Seduction, Time Traveler, Enticing, Let Me Fly and Evil Queen
  • Comparisons between Cult Nails Evil Queen and similar reds (I have 4 candidates sitting on my desk)
  • Zoya Anaka and Alegra Comparison (dark pinks)
  • My base coat opinions/review
I've also started picking up prizes for my 100 follower giveaway (I love giveaways so it's fun to plan ahead.. 24 followers left). Currently in the giveaway pile: OPI DS holographic, Max Factor Fantasy Fire, a full collection of Sally Hansen polishes (I think there's 10 of them), and a set of 25 MASH stamping plates plus scraper and stamp (for the beginner stamper or the experienced stamper who needs another set!). 

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