Jade Holográfico Fascínio Violeta

The Jade Holográfico polishes are some of the most colorful gorgeous linear holo polishes I've ever seen. I think the brand is Brazilian, and these are absolutely fantastic. They are holographic without that usual faded/greyed out color. Jade holographics are bright, vivid, saturated colors.

Jade Holográfico Fascínio Violeta is a bright violet purple with extreme linear holo. The formula is easy to use, I used my normal base coat and top coat and didn't have any issues with patchiness. I can't read the ingredients since I don't speak Portuguese, but it smells very different than any other polish I have. It's a familiar chemical scent but I can't quite place it, meaning it's probably not 3-free. The wear time was amazing, I didn't think I would get a chance to photograph this one because this is after two days of wear (and it still looks great!).

Jade - Fascínio Violeta

Jade - Fascínio Violeta

Jade - Fascínio Violeta
I couldn't stop staring at my nails when I wore this holo. It was definitely a "distracted by my nails" sort of day. Do you have any polishes that you love so much that you can't stop looking at them?

*Jade Holographic polishes are available at Ninja Polish and Llarowe.

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