Zoya America and a Freehand Pattern

I got Zoya America over the 4th of July weekend when Zoya was having a promotion (spend $10 and get Zoya America free) I do love Zoya's promotions. I have gotten more discounted Zoya polishes through the Zoya website than I ever imagined. For example, the Share the Love program, where everyone who signs up for a new Zoya account through a referral link (this is my referral link, if you sign up and purchase using this link I benefit as well) gets a coupon for a free nail polish. Use this coupon and purchase 3 polishes and you even get free shipping. It's a wonderful program.

Okay, enough talk about Zoya. Unless someone clicks the link above I don't really benefit about talking up Zoya, I just love the company's promotions.

Zoya America is a bright red creme with a flawless two-coat formula. It's really a well balanced red, slightly blued, not leaning towards either tomato red or blood red. Here it is swatched on my awkward right hand (with the broken nail.. the one that made me cut all my nails down to nubbins after this photo).

Zoya America - Awkward right hand
Then after a day of wearing America I decided to mess aground with some free-hand designs. This was done using a small paintbrush and Essie Licorice (my go-to black). I just free-handed some loops and spirals and it turned out very interestingly. I think it is technically called a filigree design, but it's one of my favorite doodles when I'm bored and have a pen and paper.

Zoya America - filigree design

Zoya America - filigree design

What do you think? I like the free-hand design because it looks completely different on each and every finger. My least favorite is my middle finger, but I love the rest!

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