Zoya Elisa: My Swatch and Comparisons

Zoya Elisa is from Zoya's fall collection. According to Zoya it is a "Bright, shining medium crimson red with subtle gold shimmer and a glowing metallic finish." Elisa does seem to glow in pictures, the shimmer turns luminous and bright... however, I was actually a bit disappointed in this color when I compared it on my nails to the pictures. On my nails it ended up being a pretty medium red with shimmer giving it a metallic-like finish. Although it's still a gorgeous polish, it isn't quite as unique as it looks in all of the swatches that I've seen online, that glow is much less apparent in person.

The formula was wonderful, as all of my Zoyas seem to be. I used two coats for these photos but I easily could have gotten away with one if I'd been more careful. 

Although I haven't seen OPI Danke-Shiny Red in person, I'm told it is a very near dupe of Zoya Elisa, Let Them Have Polish has a wonderful comparison if you are interested. With Zoya's sales, Elisa may be much less expensive to pick up than the OPI. 

Zoya Elisa

Zoya Elisa - click to zoom in and see that shimmer.. I dare you!

Here's a comparison I made of Elisa right after receiving it in the mail (back when my nails were nubbins). I was wearing Perceval so I had to see how Elisa compared to another glowing metallic red. ChG Red Stallion was the only other polish in my collection that looked close to Elisa.

A-England Perceval comparison, Zoya Elisa Comparison, China Glaze Red Stallion Comparison
Zoya Elisa Vs. A-England Perceval and China Glaze Red Stallion

A-England Perceval is much darker and China Glaze Red Stallion is much more orange-toned than Zoya Elisa. No dupes here! (Also a note, if you ever want to see a comparison of a polish that I've swatched or used in a post, please let me know. I can compare it to anything in my collection or find another great comparison post for you!)

I'm happy with Elisa, I think I just wanted it so badly that in my mind it was the perfect metallic red. Have you ever wanted a polish with a passion than purchased it only to realize that it couldn't possibly live up to your expectations?