Metallic Red Comparison

Soulstice Napa is a fantastic metallic red that I reviewed yesterday. Today I have some comparisons to show you!

First comparison is Soulstice Napa with A-England Perceval.

Napa is on the pointer and ring finger, Perceval middle and pinky. The difference here is slight, the shimmer in Perceval is a bit more silver in color than the shimmer in Napa. They both have extremely similar base colors and I'd wear these two together without blinking. My opinion: dupes.

Second comparison is Soulstice Napa with Zoya Elisa.

Clear difference here, with Napa on the pointer and ring finger, Elisa on the middle finger, and Perceval still on the pinky. Elisa has a much brighter more cherry-red base than either Perceval or Napa.

In conclusion: Napa is an excellent alternative to A-England Perceval, which is a bit more expensive. I prefer the formula of Perceval to that of Napa, but the Soulstice brush is more firm (which I prefer). Both of these had excellent wear time so if you have one you probably don't need the other!

From other comparisons I've seen Zoya Elisa and OPI Danke Shiny Red (from the fall 2012 Germany collection) are dupes of each other, but more of a bright, cherry-red than Napa or Perceval. I'm interested to see how the reds from OPI's Skyfall collection compare!

Do you have any of these reds? What do you think?

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