Cult Nails Seduction

In celebration of the Behind Closed Doors collection pre-sale I wanted to share a Cult Nails polish with you today. I own so many of these polishes but somehow don't post the pictures often enough! I'm more excited for this Cult Nails collection than I have been for any collection so far this year. I love every single color and I can't wait for them to show up at my door.

This one is from a mani I did a while ago, so my nails are shorter.

This is Cult Nails Seduction (appropriate, no?). Seduction is a blue-purple-red based flake polish in a blurple jelly base. Absolutely gorgeous. In the past I've worn Seduction over a dark base color such as Cult Nails Time Traveler, but that doesn't really capture how this one looks in the bottle or on its own.

It's a bit too sheer to wear on its own for someone like me who hates visible nail lines so I scoured my collection for a purple that matched the purple jelly base of seduction. I ended up using piCture pOlish Warning as my base color as it's a bright violet purple. This is two coats of Seduction over two coats of Warning. The formula is fantastic like all Cult Nails polishes, and it is packed with colorful mylar flakes.

My camera freaked out a bit at this combo..

Cult Nails Seduction over piCture pOlish Warning

The pictures couldn't seem to capture this beautiful and bright combination so I added a matte top coat to show you just how amazing these flakes look. 

Want to know something silly about me? I don't actually like wearing flakey polishes. I don't know what's wrong with me but they never last more than a few hours before I'm tired of them. I'm so mesmerized by how pretty they look in the bottle that I keep buying them to add to my collection!

*Seduction is a limited edition color available from Cult for $10.

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