China Glaze Manhunt

China Glaze Manhunt is a 2012 release, as part of the China Glaze On Safari collection, but new to me. When I see a new collection I always try to convince myself that I don't need any more blues/reds/pinks etc, then always end up buying them anyway!

Manhunt is a beautiful blue creme. It's really the perfect blue creme, nicely balanced with just a touch of dustiness. The formula was great, usually China Glaze cremes run a bit thick for my taste, but this one sat nicely between thin and controllable and thick and opaque. Two easy coats to opaque and it is self-leveling so it dries so shiny and smooth. I didn't have any staining, so removal was just as easy as application!

This is definitely my favorite blue creme, it's just the right shade for my skintone and will make the perfect go-to blue or undies for glitter polishes!


  1. Beautiful blue! I love it!

  2. Beautiful Blue. I think blue is my favorite color as far as nail polish goes:)

  3. I used to hate blue polish, but it's definitely grown on me in the last year or so and I have so many! :D Thanks Essie!