Cult Nails Charming

Today I have another polish from one of my favorite brands: Cult Nails Charming. Charming was released early in the summer of 2012 as part of the Cult Fairy Tale Collection and is now a limited edition shade. Cult Nails polishes can be purchased from the Cult Nails Website for $12 USD.

Charming is a dusty purple jelly with gorgeous bright fuchsia purple shimmer. The shimmer is just so gorgeous. It simply glows from the jelly base, which is dusty and grey-toned enough to look sophisticated. This is just the prettiest purple, it's soft yet bright and vivid, right up my alley.

With a jelly base, Charming is a bit sheer. One coat seems streaky, two coats has visible nail line, and three coats is opaque with careful application. I wasn't very careful and my hair brushed into my wet nails so I had to add a 4th coat for the pictures. I get annoyed with any more than two coats, but Charming dried fast enough that I didn't mind.

Just look at that soft glowy shimmer. To me this is shimmer perfection right here.

Now you're probably wondering why my hands look strangely yellow in these pictures (or maybe you aren't and I just spoiled this by pointing it out). The reason is that with my camera (a Canon powershot) I can't get Charming to photograph properly. In every photograph I take, regardless of the light source, Charming looks too blue. Today I tried using Photoshop for the first time. I normally don't do any photo editing except for adding my watermark, but I wanted to share the true purple of Charming so I gave it a go. I got the color accurate, but click the thumbnail below to see how it looked before editing. 

I don't know why but most cameras have a lot of issues with accurately portraying the blue/purple part of the color spectrum, but how I do hate editing photos. I like to say that all of my blog photos are right off the camera with no editing!


  1. Gorgeous polish and swatches! And I didn't even notice the yellow skin! :)

  2. Thank you so much Ema! I just love that short nails can look pretty too. :D

  3. Haha thanks! I think the yellow skin was one of those things that is glaringly obvious to me since it's my hand, I'm glad it wasn't too strange looking!