Urban Lacquer Goblin Tears

Do you ever wonder if you're a bit crazy? Here, let me explain a bit, this was my process of picking a nail polish today.
  • I feel like wearing red, like a bright, vivid red shimmer.
  • Go to nail polish rack.
  • Scan visible polishes.
  • Set aside a dark vampy purple and a shimmery purple I've never worn before.
  • Go to Helmer.
  • Open mainstream polish drawers from the bottom up scanning red polishes picking up the shimmers I haven't worn yet.
  • Set asid red glitter.
  • Go to swatch wheels to decide which purple to wear.
  • Go back to nail polish rack and helmer, put away all of the polishes set aside.
  • Retrieve green indie polish and begin manicure.

So here's Urban Lacquer Goblin Tears! I purchased Goblin Tears during a sale this fall and it sat untried for quite a while before I finally picked it up today. Goblin Tears was part of a limited edition Halloween collection, and is unfortunately no longer available from Urban Lacquers' Etsy Shop.

Goblin Tears is medium yellow-toned green base loaded with beautiful gold shimmer. It's really so much prettier in person than I expected it to be (it was on sale after all). The shade of green really seems to work with my skintone as well, which greens often don't.

The formula for Goblin Tears was fantastic for an indie! Absolutely superb. Completely opaque in two butter smooth coats. Goblin Tears came in a set with a gold glitter polish (the name escapes me) which I've swatched on a color wheel and has a dense formula just as fantastic as Goblin Tears. Urban Lacquer, I'll be coming back for more!

Do you have a process for deciding which polish to wear or are you more random like I am?


  1. lol, if you are crazy then so am I! That sounds a lot like my polish decision process...which sometimes can take longer than it actually takes to paint my nails!

  2. Holy dang, that shimmer!! I love this funky shade of green so much, and the golden shimmer totally puts it over the top. LOVE. (PS: Your decision process sounds eerily familiar...;p)

  3. wow.. this green color is so super gorgeous!!

  4. Haha, I started reading this post wondering why goblin tears would be red but I see now ;)
    Sounds familiar. I'm not even as organised as you, but I'll go in thinking "oh yeah, blue polish today" and come out with "hey, I have this pink I haven't tried yet! Gimme!".

  5. Lol it's good to know that I'm not the only one indecisive. :) The only reason I'm organized is because I have too many polishes! I wouldn't know where anything was if I didn't organize it a bit. :)

  6. I agree! That shimmer just makes it so pretty and unique.

  7. Lol I'm glad I'm not crazy when it comes to picking polish. :) Isn't that shimmer just gorgeous? I was so surprised that I love this color SO much when it was on sale from Halloween. The formula too was amazing.

  8. Do you ever sit around with 'naked' nails for a few hours just because you wouldn't want to pick the wrong color? I'm guilty of that all the time! Glad to hear i'm not the only "crazy" one out here. :)

  9. LOL!! Heavens forbid if you paint your nails blue, then realized you really wanted yellow! I've been known to paint my nails twice in one sitting because I didn't like the first one.

  10. That green........... I love this! Looks so good!

  11. Thanks Caitlin! It is a really unique shade, I'm glad I picked it up when I did. :)

  12. I'm random like you are. Another great green polish!

  13. I got this set on sale as well. It came with "Sparkling Pumpkin" a gold/orange/red glitter bomb. When I saw them in person I thought...What a steal!! This green was the kicker though. Great polish, my fiance always picks it out on the color wheel for me to wear, lol.