My March Purchases!

Sorry for my absence (out of town without internet access) but my March Money Mayhem Giveaway ended last week and I never got to announce the winner!

Just to summarize for the fun of it:
Total number of guesses: 21
Average guess: $275
Highest guess: $635
Lowest guess: $25
Actual amount spent: $345 for 33 bottles of polish! Yikes!!

Winner: Julia with a guess of $347! 

Here's my March Loot:

(I hate how my camera just won't take decent bottle shots!)
Butter London Big Smoke, Cult Nails In A Trance, Deborah Lippmann Brown Eyed Girl

Aly's Dream Polish: 17, 65, 22, Contrary Polish Aruba and Better Together

Ninja Polish Shillelagh, Jade Diamond Velvet, Elevation Polish Muztagh Ata, 
KBShimmer I've Got A Crush On Blue and Get Clover It

Enchanted Polish Octopus Garden (left) and Disco Barbie (right), 
NerdLacquer Warrior Ethos, Don't Panic, and TDBSLWCHSHITD

Gelish pH bonder, Top Coat, Foundation, Rose Garden Mini, and Red Roses Mini
Gelish Black Cherry Berry, OPI Gelcolor Suzi and the 7-Dusseldorfs, 
LeChat Perfect Match Mood Groovy Heat Wave, Sunset Beach and Frozen Cold Spell

Overall not a bad haul for what I spent (especially including my gel polish set-up) but still a lot more than I wanted to spend! How much do you think you spent on polish last month?


  1. Wow, that's sure a lot of polish! But they all look gorgeous <3

    1. It is! I was horrible last month, but I'm already off to a better start this month. :)

  2. Last month I bought 24 bottles, but that includes the CG Ombre sets on sale and some that I bought at Cosmoprof with my discount. After some indies (3 KB Shimmer and 2 Cirques) I probably spent about $200. Yikes!

    1. $200 isn't so bad for 24 bottles of polish! It's rare that good polishes cost less than $10 each anymore. :)