OPI Zom-Body To Love (and my return from hiatus!)

I've been a horrible blogger lately. This is sadly my first post in over a week. I've been busy, it's true, but mostly my nails have been in such horrid shape I don't feel much like blogging. I've had a lot of stress at work and that always leads me to pick at my nails and polish. You should never ever peel off your nail polish, as it will weaken your nails and cause them to easily break! Please excuse my sad nubbins!

I figured I'd jump back in with a fun polish I wore a couple of days ago, this is OPI Zom-Body To Love, an interesting green glow in the dark polish I purchased sometime around last Halloween. Zom-Body To Love is quite sheer, so I layered it over Cult Nails Feelin' Froggy, one of my favorite greens.

Although the glow in the dark pigment likes to settle out of polishes, Zom-Body To Love shook up easily and was one of the easiest ones I've used. The formula was easy to work with, and I used two coats over my green base coat. It has that familiar grainy texture of glow in the dark paint, but layering it over Feelin Froggy gave me a nice soft green. If I had layered it over white the glow would have appeared much brighter I'm sure.

This polish glows quite brightly and I had a lot of fun capturing pictures of the glow.

Glow in the dark polishes are just so much fun. I've always been fascinated with glow in the dark anything (as a child I covered an entire wall in my room with glow in the dark constellations that were only visible in the dark, my mom never even knew about them until I was much older!). How do you feel about glow in the dark polishes? Are they fun or too juvenile for you?


  1. I totally do not remember this polish! It looks awesome on you! Love your glow-in-the-dark photos :)

  2. This is a really cool polish! I should get a glow in the dark one for myself.

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