Nail Foils - Ice Blue Crush (from Dollar Nail Art)

Quite some time ago I bought some nail foils from and I finally go around to trying them out! This is my first experience with foils, and I'm quite happy with the results.

I started out with a base coat of Butter London Artful Dodger because I wasn't confident that I'd be able to transfer foil onto the whole nail without bald spots and I didn't want my naked nails showing through. My base polish was several days old and completely dry. I applied the nail foil glue, let it dry until it was clear, then pressed a small piece of the nail foil carefully onto the nail, pressing around the edges. When I carefully peeled off the clear backing I was left with a beautiful foil on my nail!

With nail foils there is definitely a bit of wrinkling, so don't expect a perfect finish. Personally, I didn't mind the minor wrinkling I experienced. My index finger is the worst with wrinkling because it was my first foil, and I got progressively better as I went. If you look at the free edge of my nail you will notice that there's a bit of Artful Dodger showing through, so I'm glad I used a base color!

I experimented with the foils topped with Seche Vite on a color wheel and discovered that it caused wrinkling, so I opted for a LED cured gel topcoat (Gelous). The gel topcoat didn't cause any significant wrinkling since I cured it very quickly. Since nail foils are glued to the nail and not polished, they don't last as long as nail polish, or the nail polish strips that I have used. These are a lot of fun and perfect for a special occasion.

Here's my attempt to make a GIF to capture the depth of these nail foils that is unmatched in any polish!

Overall, the foils from DollarNailArt are exactly what I wanted in nail foils and very fun to wear (although they will be for more of a special occasion for me). The only problem with the DollarNailArt website in my opinion is that they have a $25 minimum order, which is a lot if you haven't tried foils before.
***Please note that I was NOT sent these foils to review and that I purchased them with my own money. ****