Ninja Polish Shillelagh

Around Saint Patrick's Day, Ninja Polish released one of the most beautiful green polishes I've ever seen, this is Shillelagh. Shillelagh is part of the Enigma collection, which is known for being packed full of color shifting shimmer. Another polish from this collection that I fell in love with was Divinity, but I think Shillelagh is my new favorite!

Shillelagh is a grass green base loaded with warm golden shimmer than has a slight color shift to green when viewed at an angle. The resulting polish is a fiery green that's absolutely stunning, and very flattering on any skintone. The formula was good, I used two coats and top coat for the photos below and didn't have any noticeable staining when I removed the polish (which is wonderful since many greens stain).

Just look at that shimmer! Isn't it gorgeous?

When I wore Ninja Polish Shillelagh I truly couldn't stop staring at my nails, I can't believe I waited so long to wear it! This will have to be my Saint Patrick's Day polish next year! I'm loving the Enigma collection and want to own all of them, have you tried Ninja Polish lacquers before?

Ninja Polish retails for $11 and is available from the Ninja Polish online store which ships internationally!