Pretty Serious Hell On Wheels: my new favorite polish!

I almost didn't buy Hell On Wheels.

As a red nail fanatic I have more red cremes than I know what to do with. Until now, there has always been one little thing that I don't like about every red creme I own. Some of them are too sheer, some are too blue, too brown, too orange, or too pink. Some are too bright or too dark. No red creme has been perfect on my nails until now.

Hell On Wheels is the perfect red creme. It's a true red, without a hint of other hues that might taint the color. It's the perfect shade, dark enough to be mature, but bright enough to be wearable in any season. It's as shiny as a jelly, but it's definitely a creme.

The formula was the best of all, Hell On Wheels was practically opaque in one coat. I used two coats to hide all of the imperfections in my nails (the second coat also darkens the color perfectly). The formula isn't runny or thick, it applied amazingly smooth and the small brush kept me from getting much on my cuticles. It dried quickly to a high gloss shine. Wowza, this is an amazing red!

Even if this just looks like another red creme to you, trust me, it's not. I'm absolutely obsessed with this polish (I've worn it 4 times in a month, each time for 3-4 days... that's like a record for me). This is the ultimate red creme. If you're a red lover, buy it, you'll never need another red again!


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    1. Thank you! It's my favorite, it's so gorgeous!

  2. Oh wow, if you say so I probably should try it. It really does look like "yet another red creme" to me though, but I want to see for myself what the hype is all about :) I'm sure I'll be back to thank you for the suggestion later!