Emily de Molly Seeing Red and Comparisons!

Emily de Molly is a brand that often discourages me since they are a bit hard to obtain. Emily de Molly is an Australian indie nail polish brand with some fantastic lacquers. If you're lucky enough to be an Australian resident then you can pick up Emily de Molly from her Etsy Shop. If you're located in the US like I am then your best bet is Llarowe, which stocks Emily de Molly, but they tend to sell out very quickly.

I was lucky enough to snag Seeing Red, a polish that has been on my wishlist ever since I saw that Emily de Molly was releasing a collection of holos! Seeing Red is a gorgeous red holographic polish. The color is close to a true red, but slightly pink/coral toned. Since holographic pigment is silver, it's very difficult to get a true red holographic, Seeing Red comes very close.

The formula on Seeing Red was excellent, this is two smooth coats with no special top coat or base coat. It dried quickly and I topped it with one coat of Seche Vite (the holo wasn't dulled noticeably).

Just LOOK at that holo!

I also decided to do something a little bit different to show you the gorgeous holo of this polish! I've started a Vimeo account for Polish Etc so that I can upload some short videos of polishes. Is there anything you'd like to see a video of?

Please note, this video does not have sound, but you may be able to hear my TV slightly in the background, sorry for that!

Emily De Molly Seeing Red from Rebecca PolishEtc on Vimeo.

Lastly, what would a complete review be without a quick comparison post? Since I'm a huge fan of both red polish and holographic finishes, I've collected quite a few red holos. Here's a red holo comparison! Below I compared Emily de Molly Seeing Red to Jade Vermelho Surreal, Hits Ares, Glitter Gal Red 3d Holo, and OPI DS Ruby.

I think it's pretty clear that there's no dupes here, the closest in color to Seeing Red is OPI DS Ruby. The two polishes aren't exact dupes but they are close enough for most people. Both Ares and the Glitter Gal red are darker and a bit more orange-toned than Seeing Red, and Vermelho Surreal is much more of a copper toned red!

As you can tell, I love this polish! What do you think of Seeing Red?