Pretty Serious Poltergeist Puddle Swatches

Poltergeist Puddle is one of the most beautiful vivid purples in my collection. The color overall is a blue leaning purple, but not blue enough to be a blurple. The base is a fine purple shimmer, but there's bigger sparkly shimmer as well that is blue, purple, and even a little pink depending on the lighting (I'm still not convinced that those shimmers don't do a little color shift when I'm not looking). Overall the finish is a fascinating metallic-like vivid purple, and I'm in love. (Then again, when am I not in love with my Pretty Serious Polishes?)

The formula on Poltergeist Puddle was my favorite so far from Pretty Serious! It was thin and flowed perfectly without any risk of pooling at my cuticles. In two coats Poltergeist Puddle looked more than opaque, it looked absolutely perfect. I couldn't have been happier.

My camera had a hard time capturing this purple so I use a little photoshop magic (well GIMP magic) to match the photo to the actual color. Check this out below:

Isn't that the most vivid gorgeous purple you've ever seen?

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