Essie - Comfy in Cashmere

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Today, I just have a quick look at one of Essie's new Cashmere Matte shades.  Essie came out with a small collection of suede matte shades last month and I was intrigued.  I really enjoy a good matte polish but I am not a huge fan of Essie.  I just find their formulas unpredictable.  I heard mixed reviews about the formula on these mattes as well, but I had to try them for myself.  "Comfy in Cashmere" was the first one that I tried.  It is a grey/taupe base with a lovely shifty shimmer.  The shimmer in this polish sort of shifts from blue to purple.  It looks amazing in the bottle!  You can definitely see the shimmer on the nail and I am positive it jumps out better with a glossy top coat.  But I wanted to wear this polish in the intended matte suede finish it came in.  So no glossy shot for you guys, sorry!

For this manicure, I wore a base coat of OPI Nail Envy and did three coats to Essie "Comfy in Cashmere".  This polish did not self-level out very well at all, so I had to be extra careful with the amount of polish I used.  I had to use a little skill to make it look completely even.  I thought it was going to be a disaster, but once it dried completely it seemed much more uniform.  This dried very quickly, which is likely why it didn't self-level.  I really liked the satin sheen of this shade and the purple undertone the shimmer gave the neutral base color.

Essie - Comfy in Cashmere - McPolish

Essie - Comfy in Cashmere - McPolish

Essie - Comfy in Cashmere - McPolish

My overall impression was pretty good.  I thought the color was very interesting and I loved the suede finish.  The formula could be better though.  Hopefully, the others in this collection that picked up will behave!  How have you guys liked this collection?  Did you have any issues with the formulas?

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*this product was purchased by me*

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  1. Totally agree on Essie in general, I have some but rarely wear them. I'm not even a huge fan of matte/satin etc, but they got me with this one and Coat Couture, which I actually wore the night I bought them. Liked a lot! I didn't get around to shiny top coat on it, maybe next time with this one...