Lavish Polish - Summer 2015 Collection

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a happy and safe Independence Day this weekend!  (at least those of you that live in the States)  Mine was pretty lame as I had to work.  So, to start off this lovely week, I have a bright summer collection to share with you.  Lavish Polish has come out with a collection of five summer neons.  I preferred some of these on their own and some of these over a white base.  They are all super bright and actually water marbled quite well.  I am not a professional water marble artist like some ladies in Instragram are.  So if they worked for me...they should work for you!  I did a little water marble accent nail for all of these swatches using all five colors over a white base. Let's get into some summer neons!

Lavish Polish - Summer Collection - McPolish

 First up is "Beach Babes" which is a neon green crelly.  The color of this green is like Granny Smith apple green just turned up a notch.  I used two coats with a glossy top coat for this swatch.  Because of the neon, it did dry a tab bit dull but not as matte as what you would typically expect from a neon.

Lavish Polish - Summer Collection - McPolish - Beach Babes

Next, is "Life's a Beach", my favorite of the collection.  When I first saw swatches of this collection,  I was in love with the color.  And then once I actually got it on my nails, I was even more in love with the polish.  Even though this is super bright and neon, it has the perfect crelly formula that I have come to expect from Lavish Polish.  I used two coats of this squishy beauty plus a glossy top coat for this swatch.  The tone of this purple neon has a lot of red in it which I like.

Lavish Polish - Summer Collection - McPolish - Life's a Beach

Another beautiful bright shade is "Bikini Bottoms".  This deep neon pink had a great crelly formula, too.  I used two coats with a glossy top coat for this swatch.  Whenever I grab for a pink polish, it is this color I end up gravitating towards.  Bright and bold!

Lavish Polish - Summer Collection - McPolish - Bikini Bottoms

"Sun Kissed" is up next.  This bright neon yellow polish was a little streaky for me.  I tend to do very thick coats which I think hindered my application of this one.  With my painting style, it looked much better over white.  But I have seen other swatches of it alone with no white base and it is gorgeous.  With a white base, I was able to just use one coat of the bright yellow to get this color.  It did dry a tad dull, so I used to glossy top coat to make it shine.

Lavish Polish - Summer Collection - McPolish - Sun Kissed

 "Sand on My Cheeks" was the other polish in this collection that I used over a white base.  Just like I stated above for "Sun Kissed", I feel my painting style made this too streaky for me.  I used one coat over a white base for this swatch.  Again, the neon makes it dry a little dull, so be sure to use a glossy top coat to make it pop.  This orange has a lot of yellow in it giving it a more tangerine feel.

Lavish Polish - Summer Collection - McPolish - Sand on my Cheeks

Overall, I really liked this collection.  The colors are bold and bright which are perfect for summer.  My favorite was certainly "Life's a Beach".  Which one is your favorite?  

If you want to grab any of these polishes, head over to Lavish Polishes online store.  They are sold separately for $8.50 each or you can buy the whole set for $40.   And please, take advantage of my coupon code!  Just type in 'MCPOLISH15' at check out to get 15% off of you entire order, no minimum required. 

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-Amy McG aka McPolish

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  1. Wow! They are all pretty and perfect for summer but Sand on My Cheeks is by far my favorite!

  2. Your accent nail is great! :) I never marbled (yet), but yours is really cute. And Bikini Bottoms would be my favorite!

    Love Lotte

    1. I just used Bikini Bottoms again, it has such a flawless formula.

  3. Your swatches are beyond gorgeous