SinfulColors - A Class Act, Chalkboard Diaries picks

Hello friends!

Tonight, I have three shades from the new SinfulColors, A Class Act collection.  Just in time for the back to school rush, SinfulColors has released a set of 9 colors in a demi-matte finish.  There are classic black and white as well as a variety of pastel chalk shades.  I have three of the colors to share with you today as well as some fun, super easy nail art.

SinfulColors - A Class Act, Chalkboard Diaries - McPolish

"V.I.Peach" is a pastel yellow with the slightest peachy undertone.  This dries to a semi-matte finish.  It is not super matte and chalky like I thought it would be.  I used three coats alone for this swatch, no base coat or top coat.  Just like most yellow polishes, this was a little streaky.

SinfulColors - A Class Act, Chalkboard Diaries - McPolish - V.I.Peach

"Pink Break" is a pastel pink that also has a little bit of a peachy undertone.  The formula for this one was exactly like V.I.Peach, a little streaky.  It dries to a soft, semi-matte finish.  Not completely matte but not exactly satin.  Matte rubber finish?  The color is great though.  I did three coats on the bare nail with no tap coat.

SinfulColors - A Class Act, Chalkboard Diaries - McPolish - Pink Break

"Hazed" is a deep pink hued purple shade.  The formula on this was a little different.  The base had more of a jelly/crelly consistency which allowed it to self-level much better than the other two.  It dried a little more textured than the other two as well.  It may just be more noticeable because of the darker color.  I used three coats on the bare nail without a top coat here.  And I didn't have any problems with staining.

SinfulColors - A Class Act, Chalkboard Diaries - McPolish - Hazed

And now for some nail art!  I did a little floral dotticure using "Hazed" as my base and "V.I.Peach" and "Pink Break" for the flowers and dots.  I used a medium sized dotting tool to create the flowers and a tiny dotting tool for the little polka dots.  I did not use a top coat for this look.

SinfulColors - A Class Act, Chalkboard Diaries - McPolish

The SinfulColors, A Class Act collection is available now from Walgreens and other retailers.  I have personally seen the Chalkboard Diaries display at my local Wallgreens already.  According to the SinfulColors website, Pink Break as well as Blackboard and Whiteboard are exclusive to Walgreens.  Each of these retail for only $1.99!  Such a steal!

Check out the other demi-matte shades on the SinfulColors website and more nail art looks on their social media pages (Facebook Twitter Instagram).

- Amy McG aka McPolish

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  1. I really like the finish on these. And I absolutely love the nail art!

    1. Thank you! The finish is fun and different since it's not a pure matte.

  2. Your flowery nailart is sooo cute! :)

    Love Lotte

  3. I adore how you used all three of them together!

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