Born Pretty Store - Silver 3D Nail Stickers


I have some more easy nail art from Born Pretty Store to share with you tonight.  In my last post, I tried out nail stickers for the first time.  I was really happy with how those turned out.  For my second go around, I was again, pleasantly surprised.  The stickers were easy to apply, were not too thick and stuck to the nail well.  I like this mani so much that I wanted to do the same look on my other hand and were it.  But I didn't have enough of the same sticker to do all 10 nails.  So if you want to recreate this look, grab a second sheet!  There are plenty of other options to decorate all 10 nails with bows though.  And you don't have to use a sticker on every single nail for a manicure to look awesome.  You know I love a good skittlette mani!

Born Pretty Store 3D Silver Nail Stickers - McPolish

For this look, I first painted my nails with a base color of "Queen of Scots" from A England's Elizabeth and Mary Collection.  This is a gorgeous deep, dark blue with an amazing metallic shimmer.  Almost a one coater!  I purchased this from my favorite place to buy all of my A England polishes, Color4Nails.  Next, I placed the lacy, silver half-moon stickers on each nail towards the base.  I had to trim the a little bit of edges off the pointer and pinkie nail stickers with cuticle nippers to make them fit.  Since the base color was much smoother, you can see the demarcation of the edge of the clear sticker backing a little more than in my previous post.  But it not look bad at all!  I actually preferred the first photo without a top coat.  In the second photo, I topped it off with KBShimmer's Clearly on Top and it drug a tiny bit of the silver off of the sticker.  You can see it on my thumb and ring finger.  But honestly, it is not that noticeable unless you are taking photos of your nails.  But the top coat will keep your manicure looking smooth and stay on longer than wearing it without one.

Born Pretty Store 3D Silver Nail Stickers - McPolish

Born Pretty Store 3D Silver Nail Stickers - McPolish

Do you dig it?  I dig it.  Again, pretty happy with these little sticker packets from Born Pretty Store.  They are simple to use and inexpensive.   This sheet (option #TY006) is only $1.75 and there are other designs to choose from.  You can get an even better deal on your Born Pretty Store order by using my discount code at checkout for 10% off - AVAW10.  The items are coming from China, so shipping may take a few weeks but the prices are great.  Make sure to tag me if you recreate this look!

 Have a great weekend!
- Amy McG (McPolish)

*nail stickers provided by the supplier for honest review, nail polish purchased by me*