Takko Tuesday! - Blue Flammingo: MIA

Happy Takko Tuesday!

It's late in the day but it is still Tuesday somewhere!  Tonight, I have an older takkito to share with you all.  "Blue Flamingo: MIA" was originally release a few years ago as a darker blue shade but was then revamped into what you see here.  Takko Lacquer has a knack for shimmery teal/turquoise polishes.  This shade is a little more on the blue side of turquoise.  The base color reminds me of the ocean around Miami.  It is definitely blue but has these flashes of a more murky green at times.  Maybe it is just the subtle holo shimmer or the way this color plays off my skin tone, but I get a distinct yellow tinge along with the blue.  The pink to purple shifty microshimmer gives it an extra kick of girly flare.  It doesn't show up as well in my full mani photos but you can really see it in my macro and in real life.  The formula was a little more sheer than I expected but still easy to apply.  I wore this in three thinner coats with a glossy top coat.  (It's still on my nails right now!)

Takko Tuesday - Blue Flamingo: MIA - McPolish

Takko Tuesday - Blue Flamingo: MIA - McPolish

Takko Tuesday - Blue Flamingo: MIA - McPolish

I hope you liked this shade!  Since this is an older color, it may be harder to come by.  I am not sure when it will be restocked but as far as I know it is not discontinued.  Be sure to follow Takko Lacquer on all of their social media accounts get up to date info on restocks and new releases.

Takko Lacquer shop and restock info
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Takko Lacquer stockists: Mei Mei Signatures, Femme Fatale

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- Amy McG (McPolish)

*product was part of a nail polish swap*



  1. Yay, I know this one. ;) Looks really pretty on your nails!

    Love, Lotte