Weekend Nailz - The Syrup Collection

Hi folks!

I hope you have had a fantastic week.  I am definitely ready for the weekend.  So how about looking at new to me brand...Weekend Nailz.  This little indie brand has a collection of jelly polishes as well as nail charms on their Etsy store.  These jelly polishes can be used for so many nail art looks.  Instead of just showing you swatches of sheer jellies, I decided to show a few different ways to use them in nail art.   The colors are pretty standard in this Syrup Collection and cover the range of the rainbow as well as brown and black.  Also, they have a really nice quick dry top coat available.  It is nice and thick and dries just as fast as any other indie top coat.  The top coat is 3-free but the jellies are all 5-free.  Let's take a look at some nail art!

Weekend Nailz - The Syrup Collection - McPolish

First, we are going to do a classic jelly sandwich.  This is one of my most favorite nail art looks.  I started with two coats of "Purple Haze", which is a deep grape purple jelly polish.  Then I applied one coat of a white translucent flakie topper from Ulta called "Frosted".  I topped it off with one more coat of "Purple Haze" and the top coat Quickly.  This jelly sandwich is not in your face with glitter.  It is soft but still a little bit bold.  You can use can combo of glitter and jelly color for your mani...the possibilities are endless!

Weekend Nailz - The Syrup Collection - McPolish - jelly sandwich

Now, we are going to look at a take on lead lighting.  This technique involves stamping a design on your nails, then using sheer jelly polishes to fill in the design.  I first painted my nails white then stamped over the white with black polish using a floral pattern from MoYou London plate.  Once that dried, I used the jelly polishes to loosely color in the petals.  It was all topped off with the Quickly top coat.  The three colors I used were "Golden Showers" (yellow), "Last Call" (orange) and "Netflix & Chill" (red).

Weekend Nailz - The Syrup Collection - McPolish - lead lighting

This next mani turned out to be my favorite of the bunch,  I did a jelly dry brush.  This could also be called a distressed or grunge mani with jelly polishes, as well.  First, I started out with a base color of grey with L'Oreal "Grecian Goddess".  Then I used two of the jellies, "Suit Up" (black) and "Buzzkill" (blue), to lightly drag down the nail creating with distressed look.  You want to make sure you have brushed off as much of the polish as you can  before using it on your nail.  This was all topped off with Quickly top coat.  Again, you can use any combination of colors to achieve this look.

Weekend Nailz - The Syrup Collection - McPolish - jelly dry brush

Another take on the jelly sandwich is to color the tips a darker color.  Some people may call this a syrup mani because it looks like syrup dripping off of the nail tips.  Generally, this is done using the same color but concentrating the color at the tips to look darker.  For this mani, I started with a typical jelly sandwich using "Money to Blow", which is a teal green jelly, and a gold glitter from Rica called "Wanna Ride my Sleigh?".  Then I added another layer of "Money to Blow" at the cuticle and then "Getting Tipsy" on the tip.  It is more of a dark brown/deep purple jelly.  Sort of a gradient?

Weekend Nailz - The Syrup Collection - McPolish - jelly sandwich

Lastly, I did a rainbow vertical gradient over silvery glitter base.  I have always wanted to do this type of mani!  I started with a base of KBShimmer "Diamond" and then applied the different jelly colors across the nails in a rainbow pattern.  I didn't use a sponge, I just painted them on in stripes.  (It probably would have looked better if I used a sponge)  It is all topped of with Quickly top coat.

Weekend Nailz - The Syrup Collection - McPolish - jelly rainbow

The Weekend Nailz Syrup Collection is available now.  Each jelly polish retails for $6 and the top coat is just $6 as well.  You can order directly from their Esty shop with shipping to the US only.

Happy weekend!
 - Amy McG (McPolish)

*product provided by the maker for honest review*



  1. What a nice spread of nailart :) Awesome!

    Love, Lotte

  2. All the nail spread arts are great but the rainbow one captures my attention most. I just like it. Gonna try it with my Artistic Gel Kit. Thanks for sharing these nail spread work.