Inspired by a Color for the #31DC2016Weekly


We are in the final stretch of the challenge!  This is the part of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge that I typically fizzle out.  For the last 10 days of the challenge, you are supposed to do manicure inspired by colors and movies and fashion.  It was always difficult for me to come up with something new and exciting every day.  Now that I am doing the challenge weekly, I will have more time to come up with cool nail art looks for these tougher prompts!  This week, we are doing manicures inspired by a color.  I chose a color of manicure that is classic and traditional.  My mani today is inspired by pinky nudes.  Pink toned nude polishes are so classic and work appropriate.  People may say they are boring but I love wearing them.  Plus, they can be jazzed up in so many ways.  So that is what I did...jazzed them up :)

Pinky nude gradient with water decals for the #31DC2016Weekly - McPolish

I started with a base of a soft gradient of pinky nude cremes from Cirque Colors.  The darker pink is "Jane on Jane St." and the lighter pink is "Whitney".  They are both delicious creme colors with amazing formulas.  All of the Cirque Colors Metropolis Collection cremes are fantastic.

Pinky nude gradient with water decals for the #31DC2016Weekly - McPolish

Next, I applied these cute water decals from Nicole Diary in a delicate black floral pattern.  I have been really impressed with the water decals from this brand.  They are so easy to apply and smooth onto the nail flawlessly.  They are super thin and even stretch a little to fit around even the curviest nail beds.  They don't wrinkle when you apply a glossy top coat either.  You should definitely check them out!

Pinky nude gradient with water decals for the #31DC2016Weekly - McPolish

I did this mani on both a glossy top coat and then a satin matte top coat just to see which I liked best.  I like them both!  Which do you like best?

Pinky nude gradient with water decals for the #31DC2016Weekly - McPolish

I am really happy with out this manicure turned out.  It is very delicate and girly but still appropriate for work.  I am excited to see what everyone else doing the challenge has come up with this week,  Be sure to check out the #31DC2016Weekly tag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see more awesome nail art!  Have you been enjoying this weekly challenge?

Thanks for stopping by!
 - Amy 'McPolish' McG

*polish purchased by me and water decals sent by the maker/stockist for honest review*


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  1. I absolutely love it! :) And I have to look which week I can join you again for the challenge. I missed so many weeks already...

    Love, Lotte