Takko Tuesday! - Milkshake

Happy Takko Tuesday!

Today, I am sharing with you the other brand new takkito releasing celebrating Takko Lacquer's 4 year anniversary.  I shared with you one of the two anniversary polishes last week.  "Milkshake" is a unique shade.  The base is a soft purple leaning pink creme packed with microflakie shimmer that flashes from white to a bright purple.  There is also a good amount of matte microglitters in a variety of colors; white, neon pink, coral, yellow, purple and aqua.  The formula was slightly sheer.  I did three coats here but it did look just fine with two coats.  I topped it off with a glossy top coat to smooth out all of the microglitters.  The purple shimmer is really pretty and very apparent in real life.  This color matches nicely with the other anniversary polishes!

Takko Lacquer - Milkshake - McPolish

Takko Lacquer - Milkshake - McPolish

I am mad at my macro for this polish.  I tried everything to get this to turn out color accurate.  It kept showing up blue toned purple and making my skin tone yellow.  I still wanted to show you all the glitters and shimmer up close.  But the previous full mani shots are more color accurate.  

Takko Lacquer - Milkshake - McPolish

Another fun addition to the Takko Lacquer shop are these super cute pins.  The Takko Lacquer  tattoo pin is just so chic!  I just love the logo design so, so much.  Sheryl has also added two cute macaron pins.  One is a cat and one is a unicorn.  Too stinkin' cute.

Takko Lacquer - Tattoo and Macaron pins - McPolish

Takko Lacquer will be doing another pre-order for these polishes.  It worked out really well last time!  The shop will be open from 8:30-9:30pm EDT on July 28th for pre-order.  Once those order ship, there will be a regular restock free-for-all.  You will be able to order Milkshake, Cereal & Milk and C.R.E.A.M. as well as the pins.  Which polishes will you be getting?

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 - Amy 'McPolish' McG

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  1. I'm gonna need these... Especially since it's my birthday too - haha ^^

    Love, Lotte