Takko Tuesday! - Tea and Cakes

Happy Takko Tuesday!

Today, we are looking at another beautiful creme polish from Takko Lacquer.  This is part of the Curiosities and Exquisites Collection which is an ongoing collection of cremes and toppers that will be added to throughout the year.  I have shared many of the cremes from this collection and they are all great.  "Tea and Cakes" is a pink leaning lavender creme with an opaque formula.  I almost got away with one thick coat but did two for this swatch.  A glossy top coat is recommended to give that high shine as Takko Lacquer's vitamin E infused vegan formula can dry a little dull.

Takko Lacquer - Tea and Cakes - McPolish

I wanted to add a little easy stamping to this purple base.  I used my MoYou London Sailor 03 plate and Takko Lacquer's Druzy Quartz to swirly cloud/wave manicure.  Simple but fun!

Takko Lacquer - Tea and Cakes - McPolish

Takko Lacquer stocks the Curiosities and Exquisites collection regularly.  Tea and Cakes is available now from the Takko store for $12.  Here is where you can stalk Takko Lacquer!

Takko Lacquer Instagram and Twitter
Takko Lacquer stockists: Color4NailsMei Mei Signatures, Femme Fatale

 - Amy McPolish McG

*polishes provided by the maker for honest review*



  1. So cute! I have to think of Meg from Disney's Hercules - the color and the swirls. :)

    Love, Lotte