ThumbsUp Nail Wraps - 1000 Peices Shattered Glass


Sometimes painting your nails is just too hard.  Or you just don't have the skills to make awesome nail art happen on your own nails and want to wear something cool.  Well, nail wraps are what you are looking for.  I have not tried a ton of nail wraps in the past but of the ones I have tried, ThumpsUp Nail Wraps have been my favorite.  They apply smoothly and can be used in a variety of ways to create many different nail are looks.   I got to try out their new 'Lite' line of wraps in the coolest design ever!  They needed to get on my super long nails before they got the chop.  So cool!

ThumbsUp Nails - 1000 Pieces Shattered Glass - McPolish

The ThumbUp Nails Lite wraps are a new release.  They are a little bit thicker than the original wraps and are dual ended.  What I mean by dual ended is that both ends of the wrap is curved for different shaped cuticles.  One side is more rounded while the other side is more squoval.  This is great for me since some of my nail beds are more square than others.  Plus, I can use both ends of the same wrap on my shorter nails.  For example, I used the same wrap on my middle finger and thumb here.  the rounded end on my middle and the more square end on my thumb.  

ThumbsUp Nails - 1000 Pieces Shattered Glass - McPolish

This 1000 Pieces Shattered Glass design is so freaking cool!  The base of the wrap is clear, so you could use it over your bare or over a base color.  I used them over my bare nail because I like that negative space look.  The holographic shards are in different colors and shift from color to color on the same wrap.  The effect is very striking and very holographic in real life.

ThumbsUp Nails - 1000 Pieces Shattered Glass - McPolish

You don't need to use a top coat with these but if you want your mani to last for weeks, top this with a gel top coat.  I did try a regular clear top coat with these and did not get wrinkling or melting like I do with the original wraps.  That is a huge plus!  

ThumbsUp Nails - 1000 Pieces Shattered Glass - McPolish

ThumbsUp Nails are available from their online store and a few other online retailers.  They are located in the UK but ship world wide.  They offer free shipping for qualifying orders which is awesome.  Have you tried nail wraps before?  If so, which are your faves?

Many thanks!
 - Amy McG (McPolish)

*product provided by the maker for honest review*



  1. Wow, that IS cool! :) I neeever used wraps and all this stuff before. I have a couple here and should just do it sometime. ^^

    Love, Lotte

  2. I love those!! So nice 😍

    Letitia xx |