Wintry Butterfly Skittlette

Hi friends!

Today, I have a quick little nail art to share with you all.  I did this mani on a whim trying out some new nail art vinyls from Whats Up Nails and just loved it so much that it needed it's own post.  Vinyl nail art stencils have taken over the world.  They make complicated nail art so simple that anyone can use them and still get a good mani.  Beginner or expert nail problem.  Whats Up Nails has so many patterns to chose from that is can be overwhelming.  Usually, I have a set idea of a manicure in my head and then find the tools and polishes to make it.  But this time, I let the pattern of the vinyls guide me.  I saw these delicate butterfly vinyls and got a vision of crystalline butterflies flitting about in the the snow and ice.  Like a wintry butterfly garden with snowflakes and ice flowers all around.  (what can I say, I miss the snow and winter isn't winter without it. there's no winter in Florida)  So this manicure organically happened out of my longing for snow and ice.

Wintry butterfly skittlette manicure by McPolish

For this skittlette mani, I used four polishes.  The silver textured polish on the thumb and pointer is "Surfing Alien" by Pretty Serious Cosmetics.  It is a favorite textured polish of mine.  The middle and ring fingers have a white to blue gradient using "Pure White" and "After the Reign" by Kiara Sky.  And the blue holographic that I used on my pinkie and for the butterflies is "December 2016" by Nice Zero Lacquer.  Again, the butterfly vinyls are from Whats Up Nails.  I used one vinyl cut in half for the accent nails.

Wintry butterfly skittlette manicure by McPolish

Wintry butterfly skittlette manicure by McPolish

I really loved how this turned out.  The butterflies were nice a sharp and the colors are blended together so nicely.  Wintry butterfly garden!  You must check out all of the nail vinyl designs that Whats Up Nails has to offer.  The manicure possibilities are endless!

Happy New Year!
 - Amy McG (McPolish)

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  1. Oh, how beautiful! <3 I love the blue polish especially.
    And happy new year to you! :)

    LG Lotte

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