Pacifica - Nudes Nail Set

Hi folks!

I have a nice little trio of nude nail polishes to share with you all today.  This is the first time I have tried Pacifica's nail polishes.  I have seen their polishes at Ulta many times and was always drawn in with the fancy brush handles they have.  The Pacifica line is 7-free, so no nasty chemicals in these polishes.  I purchased the Nudes Nail Set several months ago during a crazy Ulta haul because I wanted to try the brand out and review the polishes for you.  I am just getting around to it.  But have no fear because this nail set is still available from Ulta.  So if you like these colors, head over and pick it up!

Pacifica - Nudes Nail Set - McPolish

Baby Come Back -  A off white cream colored creme polish.  I thought this would be the dud in this trio but I was wrong.  The formula on this shade is fantastic!  I did two coats here but this was legit opaque in just one coat.  I couldn't believe it.  It did dry pretty shiny on it's own, too, but I did apply a top coat.  

Pacifica - Nudes Nail Set - McPolish - Baby Come Back

Magic Conch Shell - A pale pinky nude crelly/jelly with a very subtle silver shimmer.  This one was a little sheer and a little streaky but the overall effect was pleasing.  The color is soft and feminine and the shimmer is a nice touch.  I am showing you three coats with a glossy top coat here.

Pacifica - Nudes Nail Set - McPolish - Magic Conch Shell

Dark Desert Highway - A neutral sandy tan creme polish.  Again, this was a shocker with the amazing opaque formula.  This could very well be a one coater if you are careful with application.  I am showing you two coats here with a glossy top coat.  It has a little bit more squishiness than Baby Come Back which I love.  It is a very nice neutral shade.

Pacifica - Nudes Nail Set - McPolish - Dark Desert Highway

I had to do a little easy nail art with this set.  Just some simple dot flowers using a dotting tool with two different sized ends.  Anyone can do this!  Plus, I really liked how this turned out.  The whole mani is soft and neutral but still fun.

Pacifica - Nudes Nail Set - McPolish

Well, I think you can see by my review that I was super happy with this little trio.  It was a nice way to try out the brand and made me want to go back and get more polishes by them.  You can get this set from the Ulta website (and in store) for $20.  They have other sets including a base/top coat set and cool toned colors set.  I am not sure if there are other store that carry Pacifica Nail Polishes but you can also get them from their online store.  

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Amy McG aka McPolish

*products purchased by me*


  1. These are nice! :) And your flowers are so cute.

    Love, Lotte

  2. They all look really nice! I have yet to try any but always see them at Ulta. They always have them, just not the new lines I go in to see! haha! Love the peachy one, and the flowers are so happy!