Takko Tuesday! - Opalescent

Happy Takko Tuesday!

I have a gorgeous flakie topper from Takko Lacquer to share with you today!  This is a brand new shade being added to the Curiosities and Exquisites Collection, which is an ongoing collection of cremes and toppers that is continuously added to.  "Opalescent" is a clear based topper that is filled with thin, transparent shifting flakes in a rainbow of colors.  It will not get opaque, so it is best used over a colored base.  In this post, I am showing you it over Takko Lacquer's one coater black creme, "Iconoclast".

Takko Lacquer - Opalescent - McPolish

The base to flakie ratio is good.  With one coat (which is what I did), you get a nice amount of flakies on the nail without overwhelming the base color.  If you want extra flakies, just add a second coat.  It looks great with a glossy top coat but let's be real...matte all the flakies!!  Seriously on fire once it's mattified.  I really enjoy the nice glow from within these flakes have. 

Takko Lacquer - Opalescent - McPolish

We can't forget the macros!  Both glossy and matte here.  That matte macro though! :)

Takko Lacquer - Opalescent - McPolish

Takko Lacquer - Opalescent - McPolish

This new topper will be released at the upcoming restock of the Gems and Crystals Collection.  I still do not have an actual date to share with you though.  But pay close attention to the Takko Lacquer social media outlets for an announcement on restock times.

Takko Lacquer shop and restock info
Takko Lacquer Instagram and Twitter
Takko Lacquer stockists: Color4NailsMei Mei Signatures

Many Thanks!

Amy McG aka McPolish

*product provided by the maker for honest review*


  1. Oh yeah! :) Love both versions, but you're right - this topper has to be matte. Absolutely!

    Love, Lotte

  2. Those flakies with the matte!!!

  3. What matte top coat did you use?? I don't see it mentioned

    1. If my memory serves me, I think I used the Glisten & Glow Matte Top Coat for this.