Takko Tuesday! - 2017 Sample #3

Happy Takko Tuesday!

I am out of new Takko Lacquer shades to share with you, so back to some previous releases.  This is my last sample shade from the 2017 Black Friday sale that I haven't shared yet.  There is still one more out there that I don't have.  If I find it, I will be sure to share it here!  Today, we are going to look at Sample #3.

Takko Lacquer - 2017 Sample #3 - McPolish

2017 Sample #3 - A light teal/aqua jelly base that is filled with pink iridescent microflakies and tiny holographic gold hex glitters.  The glitters and flakies shift around very nicely in the jelly base.  It is hella sparkly!  The formula is pretty sheer though.  I am showing you three coats here and you can still see my nail line.  All of the blingy glitters make it less noticeable in person.

Takko Lacquer - 2017 Sample #3 - McPolish

This sample shade is very similar to Peacock Returns but the base in the sample is a lighter teal color, more blue.  Peacock Returns was a special polish exclusive to MeiMei Signatures, so if you missed out on that one, try looking for this shade in destashes!

Takko Lacquer - 2017 Sample #3 - McPolish

The sample shades from 2017 are no longer available.  But you may still be able to find them in destashes around the internets.  I may try to look for Sample #4 to complete the series.  Takko Lacquer should be having a restock of spring shades in the future.  Be sure to follow them on social media for announcements of restocks and new releases.

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Takko Lacquer stockists: Color4NailsMei Mei Signatures

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  1. Awesome glitter in this one! :) I don't own either peacock...

    Love, Lotte