Gradient Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly

Hey there!!

People...I will catch up with the challenge.  I am currently still a week behind but I will remedy that this week.  Pinkie swear!  but I do have my gradient nails for you today.  And I love them!  My fellow nail art pal, Gianna, recently did this amazing muted neutral toned gradient floral  manicure and I knew I needed to recreate it.  It spoke to me!  See the original mani on Nailstorming's IG page.  I took her idea and changes it up slightly.  But it is very similar.  Not as perfect as hers but I still dig it.

Gradient Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly - McPolish

I used three Cirque Colors creme for this look.  I started with a base of Carpe Diem which is a white creme with an incredible subtle gold shimmer.  Next I did a gradient using Carpe Diem at my tips fading into Don't Forget the Cannoli and ending into Jane on Jane St at my cuticle.  The transition between Carpe Diem and Don't Forget the Cannoli is not super obvious.  

Gradient Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly - McPolish

Next, I painted on a splotch of Don't Forget the Cannoli in the corner of each nail and used Jane on Jane St with a tiny bruch to add detail the rose like flower.  It is a very loose concept of a rose but I hope you can visualize it.  I really, really liked this tone on tone muted neutral pink look!  Even though you can only see two main colors in my gradient, I promise there is a third at the tip.  :)

Gradient Nails for the #31DC2018Weekly - McPolish

It is pretty simple design but I bet you could do it in a variety of tones.  Maybe some browns or blue?  That would be sweet!  Would you try this nail art on your own?  Let me know :)

Keep up with everyone else doing the challenge this year by checking out the tag #31DC2018Weekly on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. sure to check out what my German bestie, Lotte, is creating each week on her blog!

Thanks for stopping by!

Amy McG aka McPolish
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  1. Wow, this is so ladylike and delicate. Beautiful!

    Love, Lotte

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