Blog Redesign and Wet n Wild Grey's Anatomy

After trying out the new "dynamic" views for my blog I'm back to an old fashioned one. Although the dynamic view was fun and made it easy to navigate through posts quickly, it made it much harder to find some of the blog characteristics that we are all so familiar with so we're back to normal. What do you think of the new blog design?

Next I have my NOTD, Wet n Wild Fastdry Grey's Anatomy.

The first thing I learned about Grey's Anatomy is that there are lovers and there are haters. Other nail polish gurus either thought the color was an absolute marvel or said that they would never wear it again. Personally, I'm a fan.
Although the bottle shows a gorgeous duochrome, in most lights the duochrome isn't very strong, and I mostly see a silvery purple lilac (which is still very pretty). In the right light the polish really shines and you get hints of green and pink. It's sublte enough that I can pull it off in a professional environment but gorgeous enough that I love to look at it.

This is four coats and it is still a bit sheer (visible nail line) but it's not that obvious in real life.

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  1. I like GA. I doesn't have the strongest duochrome but it's still a nice polish. It looks great on you! :)