OPI Save Me Swatch and Review.

OPI Save Me is part of the Nicki Menaj collection. It has small silver glitter and large bar-shaped holographic glitter in a clear base. This one is intended as an awesome top coat but here I'm reviewing the polish solo.

This is four coats of OPI Save Me. I had to be very careful with this one because the bar-shaped glitter pieces like to stick out at strange angles. I used thick coats and did a lot of maneuvering of the glitter around my nails. While I was painting I noticed that most of the bar glitter was aligning in the same direction so with the last coat I painted it horizontally across my nails. After every coat I did a gentle swipe at the end of each nail to remove the bar glitter that was poking over the tips. When I finished and while the polish was still soft and tacky (but before top coat!) I used an orange stick to gently poke the glitter down flat, to level the glitter with the rest of the polish. I used 3 coats of my old thickened Seche Vite to smooth this one out, and it definitely eats top coat.

The final effect? Absolutely breathtaking. The bar glitter catches light in all different angles and looks like little holographic fireworks. Every sparkle caught the light, I could only imagine what a great party polish this would be. However, with the difficulty of reaching opacity with what is clearly intended to be a layering polish I probably won't do this as a solo mani again.

I love how both the bottle and the nails here capture the crazy glitter.

(If you click the image above it's easier to see how the shapes of the glitter look in this mani.)

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