China Glaze Raspberry Festival

Well the time came to chop my nails ridiculously short again. Today I'm volunteering to help out at a carnival-like event tomorrow, and I'm going to be hauling sand, pluff mud (if you don't know what pluff mud is, it is the thick, smelly, gooey mud found in South Carolina Salt Marshes), and living organisms all drenched in saltwater... Not the time to risk breaking off my still soft nails.

So to make up for nubs that don't reach the end of my finger, let's go for a bright pink! This is China Glaze Raspberry Festival. It's a very pretty red-ish pink glass fleck. I love this color, it's not quite red but not quite pink. Using two coats left it a little sheer (slight visible nail like) and it looks very feminine in person.

On another note, I wish my nail-beds were even... My nails are all the same length but they look so different!

(Not much sun today so my pictures are a little dull, but quite color accurate).

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  1. Gorgeous color! I've worn it on my toes the last weeks.