Essie Aruba Blue

Essie Aruba Blue is a beautiful sapphire blue with silver frost. On the nail it looks like a gorgeous metallic blue. If you like blue, go out and buy this polish now! It's the perfect blue, absolutely, positively, perfect!

Wear Blue for World Autism Awareness Day

Autism, officially autism spectrum disorder, is a neurodevelopment disorder. Autism affects most people differently. With some, an outsider may not notice that the person is affected with the disorder, in other cases the symptoms may be severe.

Autism is usually associated with some form of social or communication difficulties.

There is no "cure" for autism and the cause of the disorder is unknown. Very little funding is available for autism research compared to other forms of disease even though autism affects more than one person in every hundred.

People affected with autism are subject to the exageration and overgeneralizations that the media produces.

Be aware.

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