Nail Mail!

I came home today to find two wonderful packages, my order from Zoya and a package from my mum.

So breaking into the Zoya package (this is my first order from Zoya) I was pleasantly surprised to find biodegradable packing peanuts (this is a big thing for me as I hate styrofoam... once you've seen the pacific garbage patch you will understand why).

Inside was a nice little box filled with beautiful polish. My five bottles all came nestled within the same box.

And there you have it, Zuza, Kimber, Maisie, Gloria, and Carmen. What to wear first? I currently have China Glaze Red Stallion as a mani (great color, shiny orange-toned red metalicy-frost). Red is my go-to color and I needed a little boost with so much stress this week!

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