A-England Saint George Swatch

I know I've posted swatches for A-England's Saint George before, but this is definitely one of my favorite polishes. Saint George is a dark teal with scattered holo.

It's such a pretty color, and amazing in the respect that it only requires one coat. I love one coat polishes becuase some days I spend so long trying to decide what color to wear that I run out of time and have to try to finish my nails quickly. Trying to decide on a color usually involves all preping 10 nails with base coat,painting two coats of color, and finishing with top coat (or several layers of top coat with a glitter). If the weather is nice I'll take a picture of the polish, and within the our decide I don't wan to wear that particular shade, so I pull out the remover and do it all over again. When time is running out I grab a one coat polish and get out the door, sometimes sacrificing base coat along the way (but never top coat because seche vite makes the manicure so much faster). I always make a mental note of "one-coat-wonders" as I call them in my head, maybe one day I'll make a one-coat-wonder list.

Indoor sunlight:

Outdoor direct sunlight:

Outdoor indirect sunlight:

It's just so pretty!

So what about you, do you have go-to polishes for when you're in a hurry?

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