Nail Art with Zoya Kimber, Zuza, and Trixie

Yesterday evening I swatched Zoya Kimber and was rapidly bored with it. Kimber is a very pretty bright pigmented pink jelly base with yellow-gold shimmer. It's a very similar color to China Glaze Strawberry Fields (for an excellent comparison of the two check out the awesome blog All You Desire). The formula for Kimber was nice, it covered in two coats and was very easy to control.

Sadly I got bored with this color quickly. If it was a normal day and I had work to do or places to be I would have been quite content, but sitting around (pretending) to work on writing a rather long proposal I had a lot of time to look at my hands. I decided to do a quick tape mani for the practice, although I usually don't like how my tape manis turn out.

Man this is gorgeous. I used Zoya Kimber, Zoya Zuza, and Zoya Trixie (remind me to re-do that swatch, my nails were so short!).

I experimented using a different 'tape' for the mani than I've used before. In the past I've used regular clear cellophane tape and have had the unfortunate experience of pulling off half the polish along with the tape, which doesn't make for very good results. Recently I bought some Post-it Label Roll tape at Walgreens  for no real purpose, it just sounded cool. I have to tell you, this stuff is amazing for nail art. I could stick the post-it tape to polish that wasn't completely dry and still pull it off without any marks. It doesn't stick quite as well, but with some patience the results are so nice.

I started out with a base coat of Kimber, then taped the nail in a diagonal line and added Trixie as silver stripe. I free-handed the last half of the nail with Zuza. These polishes are so nice and opaque that I only had to use one coat, so it was a very fun and easy mani.

Instead of doing the same nail art on my right hand I decided to do something a bit different using the same colors so I did a funky french with Zuza as the tip color and added dots of Trixie and Zuza using a small paintbrush. I'm not as happy with this pattern as I was with the first one, but it looks much prettier in person than it does in pictures. The dots break up the line of the french manicure a bit and the results are very aesthetically pleasing.

My right and left hands were coordinating but mis-matched for most of today, but I really don't mind. It's kinda fun sporting something so unique for me.

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