Finally back with my stash. :)

Back in Charleston! It feels wonderful to have my full polish stash as options. :)

Speaking of my stash, my newly formatted stash/polish collection is now online! CLICK HERE or the tab at the top! It isn't finished, but I don't think it looks too horrible. All of the polish is swatched on color wheels (well except for a few I picked up while on vacation) and I just have to take photos when the light is right, crop the photos and upload. Here in SC we have Tropical Storm/Depression Beryl on it's way, so I won't have any sunlight to photograph new material for a few days (but I have some swatches as backup that I couldn't get to auto-post while I was away!)

I bought a total of 9 polishes while on vacation, and had 21 waiting for me when I got home! That's 30 new polishes in one week. There's still about 10 more on their way so I think I need to take a break from ordering for a while...

My new favorite way to purchase? Blog sales! So many wonderful bloggers are selling some great polish for affordable prices. Check out Fingers Polish Mania, Refined and Polished, Polished Criminails (UK), or Peace, Love & Polish!

Here's a few of my new polishes, as well as an attempt at a lightbox. I was hoping with a lightbox that I could get good quality photos at night, but I don't like how yellow everything looks. I'm going to try it tomorrow (if there's any sunlight) and then scrap it if I can't get the white to look truly white.


  1. 30 POLISHES IN ONE WEEK?! That's like... half of my full collection. Wow.

    1. The sad thing is 5 more came in the mail this morning that I forgot I ordered!