Zoya Vanessa

Whew! Mobile blogging can be pretty interesting! Especially when my smart phone has internet and my ipad (where my photos are currentLy located) does not. I'm usually pretty good with technology, but this was a challenge even for me.

So here it is: Zoya Vanessa. Vanessa is described bt Zoya as: "Soft but saturated dark pink berry creme with red undertones. A delicious berry shade that looks very polished." And this description is perfect for Vanessa! In these photos (indoor artificial lighting) the polish looks more maroon than dark berry red, because it definitely looks more red in sunlight.

I'm really impressed with all of the Zoya cremes that I have tried. The formula is amazing, it applies like butter yet it is pigmented enough to only require two coats (and as I've mentioned before I don't have very much patience for 3 and 4 coat polish). I feel as though some cremes are very thick and want to clump (China Glaze and Orly). Zoya is my new favorite for gorgeous cremes.   OPI and Essie also have fantastic formula for their cremea. Zoya has the best brush out of the three, OPI with the uber wide brush and Essie with the tiny/skinny while Zoya is somewhere in the middle.

Well look at me ramble on... wishing you all a wonderful week!

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