China Glaze Red Curl Girl

Oh how I love red polish.. are you sick of seeing it yet? I've got some other polish sitting around ready to be swatched but haven't had a chance to do it yet! But since I wear red about 50% of the time I have a bunch of red swatches saved up that I will now torture you with. I'm sure I can find something else, but you're not sick of it yet right?

This is China Glaze Red Curl Girl. It was released as part of a surf-themed collection if I remember correctly. It's a bright cherry red with fuchsia and red glass flecks. It's pretty... but very bright! This one might be a bit too RED for me to wear as a mani. I might reserve this one for the perfect pedi color. I find that the China Glaze glass flecks last FOREVER as a pedicure. It's wonderful for this girl who is too lazy to paint my toes that often (no one sees them most of the time!). I made the mistake of using neons on my toes the last time.. awesome look... wear-time=zero... pedi=fail.

CG Red Curl Girl Shade:

CG Red Curl Girl Sun:

But anyway, isn't this just a splendid color? Imagine it on your toes sitting on the beach with a nice tan sitting in the sand, drink in hand... I apologize for the imagery for any of you in the southern hemisphere. 

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