Quick Review: Spectraflair in Seche Vite

Because no day is complete without a mani, here is a quick shot of something I wore a while back. I used a pink creme (can't remember what one now, maybe Nicole by OPI?) and my homemade spectraflair top coat. I used the tiniest bit of spectraflair because I didn't want that dull grey look that holo powder can give a mani.

how it worked:

I decided to put my spectraflair in an old bottle of Seche Vite thinking that it would be a fast dry top coat, since I always use SV anyway. This however, is not recommended. Seche Vite, even after it has thickened a bit with time/air exposure, is not a suspension base. It will not keep the spectraflair suspended permanently. Sure, it looks promising for a day or so but don't be fooled!

If you have ever had problems with your Seche Vite thickening before, you know that air bubbles become a major problem. Now imagine what would happen if you had to vigorously shake the bottle to re-suspend a pigment...

my opinion:

So should you use Seche Vite as a nail polish base? No, don't do it! Use an actual nail polish suspension base, or a thicker top coat not prone to bubbling that you can shake.

It looks pretty gorgeous though. I picked a good amount of pigment to get a complete linear holo without greying the color completely. Sorry I didn't get any daytime/sunshine photos of this one!


I used coarse grade spectraflair pigment purchased from Anna's Art Asylum on ebay. I used one or two tiny scoops with a popsicle stick. Be cautious when using spectraflair pigment to avoid inhalation, and with all strange chemicals read the MSDS (material safety data sheet) prior to use to understand the risks.


  1. I made my holo top coat in a NYC fast drying top coat
    and it came out great. I love this combo. Mine is way toooo gray.

    1. It's tough to figure out just how much spectraflair to add! It took much less than I expected to get the linear holo effect.